Monday, 17 February 2014


Luisa is not one to shy away from controversy having openly admitted to being a regular attendee at sex parties and describing herself as a “free spirit” that cannot be tamed by a man. It is then no surprise that Daily Star have quickly capitalised on this new Katie Hopkins type and employed her as the latest online columnist.

They are presenting her as a sexy Katie Hopkins and she will be encouraged to voice opinions that many may find outrageous. She has already been doing this since she became runner up in the Apprentice. An example would be her claim that glamour models are better role models to their children than stay at home Mums. Her tweet read “If page 3 is bad role model for women, is being a stay at home mum? Teaching girls 2 have no ambition and live off a man? At least pg3 earn £££.” She has obviously framed this statement in a way to get the most press attention, but the values of it I sort of have to agree with. It's not that stay at home Mums aren't role models but if I were to rate who was more role model esque to young girls it would have to be the working Mums. My Mum has always installed into me the notion that I should never be reliant on a man for money or happiness. In fact when I moan about being single she lectures me furiously and tells me that it is not how she raised me. However, the problem with Luisa's claim is that she ignores the fact that being a full time Mum is no easy job, and each woman should make the decision alone on their individual merits as to what is best for them and their family.

In her recent stint in the Big Brother she presented herself as a modern day feminist and we saw her flip out when Dappy made a sexist remark about the different opinions we all seem to accept when it comes to a person's sexual exploits (Video avaliable here). Dappy claimed that if a girl were to have sex with multiple partners then she would be a “ho” whereas if a man were to do the same it would not be as bad. Luisa was quick to describe his remarks as “sexist” and endured a long argument trying to show him that these opinions are wrong and belong in the past. She also argued with Jim Davidson in an infinite amount of times during Big Brother, but the one that sticks out for me is when he told her that his wife irons all his shirts for him, and questioned why she wouldn't do the same for a man. She replied by telling him that “because my Dad used to say to my Mum, they’re wrong, do it again. And so I swore I’d never iron a man’s shirt” and “we’re not in the 1950s…you’re trying to wind me up.” It appeared that a lot of the men in the house had very old fashioned and patriarchal beliefs and unlike other female housemates Luisa was unafraid of standing up to the men and challenging what they were saying.

I feel that Luisa brings press to key issues that a woman encounters while living in the 21st century and highlights the gender inequalities and prejudices that we still face on a day to day basis. So do you think that Luisa Zissman is a positive role model for young girls or are her antics and opinions just too outrageous?

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