Sunday, 23 March 2014


My usual student Sundays involve waking up with a hangover and milling around in my PJs until dinner time but this one was different. One of my best friends and favorite Welsh gal Megan invited me round to her house for a Sunday roast and who can say no to a home cooked dinner?! I certainly can't, in fact for the past two weeks I've become a vegetarian after seeing this picture...

...but I am ashamed to say a piece of Welsh lamb has broke me. This is my 3rd attempt at being a vegetarian (my longest stunt being just under a year) but my Mum says the problem is you're a vegetarian who loves meat and hates vegetarian food, and I am ashamed to admit she is right on this occasion. 

Anyway back to Abergavenny, I made the short train journey across to the town on the train. My time keeping was again off and I just about made my train, the promise of a Sunday roast almost fell through my fingertips. As the view from my train window transformed from buildings into green fields I slowly began to feel more relaxed. Megan greeted me at the train station and we made the short journey to her home where food was almost instantly served. Dinner was gorgeous and the chat was even better. I was told stories of all the local people including the woman who makes her own capes similar to those worn on the Hobbit films and parades them proudly down the high street, a keen Christian who enjoys sending emails with attachments, and the cleaner who stinks out the house with his strong smelling lunches. I was also informed of the feud between the hairdresser's and chip shop, which meant having chip shop lunches was no longer an option for the hairdressers. The lunchtime chat reminded me very much of the Gilmore Girls meets Gavin and Stacey. Before today I did not realise it existed outside of sitcoms. It actually made me very jealous that I've never lived in a town where everyone knows each other, I feel I have some what missed out!

After eating not one but two deserts we decided on a walk up the Sugar Loaf (a local mountain) with Megan's black Labrador Poppy was in order so after Megan had kitted me out with Hunter wellies and a quilted jacket I was ready to go. This was my first ever dog walk at the grand old age of 20 demonstrating the complete lack of countryside in my life! We were out walking for nearly three hours altogether but we did manage to reach the top after some pretty steep inclines. The view was spectacular and well worth it, I have put a picture below although I am not sure it does it justice. It's safe to say I am going to sleep well tonight! 

Me and Megan looking rather windswept at the top of the Sugar Loaf

All in all it was a perfect Sunday and I am already excited for my next trip which I am promised will involve a trip into town and a visit to the chapel to meet all these unique characters I was told so much about...

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