Monday, 3 March 2014


Lucy Meck has ditched the extreme fake tan and cheap hair extensions and transformed into a true fashionista. She was once described by Lauren Goodger as "young and orange" in Series 1 of TOWIE but now she's well and truly shaken off that label and become one of those celebrities that always seems to look amazing dressed in killer ensembles. In this blog post I am going to run through my favourite Lucy looks and attempt to re-create them and point you in the right direction to buy similar items. 

Luckily for us Lucy purchased this gorgeous lace jumpsuit from oasis, sadly it is sold out on the main website but you can find it on ASOS here. At £75 it may seem a little steep, however it is my ultimate go to outfit, and I have already got numerous wears out of it. I can't imagine it going out of style anytime soon! Lucy opts for a show stopping red but if this is not your colour you can opt for a classic black like me. Style it up with a pair of nude shoes that can be found from most high street shops. I am forever wearing mine which means I have to replace them every 2 months or so due to being clumsy and always falling over, but they are still totally worth it.

This pink PVC skirt ticks so many boxes combining the pencil skirt and leather trend perfectly. Here Lucy makes leather look classy by pairing it with a black fluffy jumper. Both items are from Topshop, the skirt can be purchased here and the jumper here. Both items are now in the sale so act quick if your a lover of this Lucy look. Keep the accessories simple with black court shoes and a plain clutch bag and your ready to go!

A matching trouser and jacket combo no longer just belongs at the office. It's a great street style now that can get heads turning day and night. This style works with many colours, patterns and styles but if you want to copy Lucy you can buy a very similar colour and shape (the one modeled above by my gorgeous sister) from Zara, just click here. Style with a simple pair of sandals.

This is my favourite Lucy look ever! When I saw her on TOWIE wearing this amazing number I knew I had to own it. Unfortunately this dress is from Three floor and comes in at a whopping £160, fortunately for us Fashion Bible created a very similar dress for just £55, blue has sold out but red is available here (and just as gorgeous if you ask me). Again pair with a pair of nude shoes to really elongate your legs.

These are just a few of Lucy's looks, if you are interested in stealing more of Lucy's style she has her own store in Essex and a website so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Happy shopping! Who are your style icons?

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