Friday, 21 March 2014


You would have to be living under a rock to not notice the new craze that has took over social networking sites in the last few days. Unlike neck nominate and other such crazes where the purpose has just been to laugh at people undergo their self inflicted punishment, this one is to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research.

When something new happens on social networking sites the first thing that happens is people will start complaining- FACT. For instance, when snow coat the grounds I will see just as many statuses of people complaining about people uploading their snow selfies and statuses as people who have actually done it. The earlier annoys me much more... do people just sit at home on their laptops and smart phones waiting for something to moan about it? I say just leave people to it if it's not directly affecting you!

Critics were silenced however when Cancer Research UK publicly thanked supporters and revealed the large amounts the scheme had been raising, it is over £2 million now which is just incredible I'm sure you'll agree! I for one have loved seeing the no make-up selfies not only for the good it is so obviously doing, but also to see how beautiful you all are without the slap that we have to coat on every day! If you would like to donate text BEAT to 70007 to give a £3 donation to the cause or do it online here. The boys have now even began to get involved posting photos of themselves covered in girl's make-up or the more risky cock in a sock. What do you think of the new craze? Everyone keep up the good work!!

*UPDATE (25/03/14): The no make-up selfie has now raised over £8 million... truly inspiring!

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