Thursday, 20 March 2014

WEBSITE REVIEW: TOBI *Includes discount information

I love a new clothing website to consume my procrastinating time with hours of trawling through pages of clothes that I know I can't afford. Me and Emma spent a library visit switching between a very boring literature review and Tobi online shopping, a very eclectic mix. My friend Emma also has a blog and has also recently reviewed the website, you can view it here. Tobi is an American website which sells a wide range of fashionable pieces for reasonable prices. Also some great news for you newcomers to the site by signing up for an account on Tobi and using the code 'TOBI50' you will get an amazing 50% off your first order. However, be warned that you will get charged taxes and handling fees on collection of your parcel, something that they do not make completely clear.

Here are a some of my favourite pieces from the site;

                                                                     1                           2

                                                                    3                            4

                                                                  5                             6

Some other great websites to check out are:

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