Saturday, 26 April 2014


The Corner House

Cornerhouse is a small intimate pub which is located on a corner funnily enough. It serves high end pub grub, it is the best of both worlds combining pub food with top quality restaurant standard. It hosts a great atmosphere with tables filled with families, couples and diners there to have a nice meal and a good time. I would say it is the perfect place to enjoy a first date over some perfectly cooked steaks and a bottle of wine. The Corner house also has outdoor seating available for those Cardiff sunny days so you can enjoy your food al fresco if you're brave enough!

Café 37

Cafe37 is a bespoke cafe located on Salisbury Road at the centre of Cathays. The interior resembles that of an American diner and is more often than not filled with students catching up over enormous fry ups. It has a really nice buzz to it and you shouldn't cross this place off your list of places to eat if you're not usually a fan of a greasy spoon cafés as this place is different. It has a sort of up market twist, an extensive menu and quality food.

My personal recommendations would be one of their burgers and a milkshake. The milkshake come in tall glasses, they are thick in texture and coated generously with whipped cream. They come in not only the standard flavours: strawberry, vanilla and banana but for the adventurous amongst us they have oreo, cream egg, whisper and other such of our favourite chocolates whipped into their shakes.

Thai House

The Thai house is an authentic restaurant tucked away at the back of St. David's shopping centre. It's like a little piece of Thailand located in Cardiff where most the staff are thai and dressed head to toe in traditional clothing even down to flowers in their hair. The menu is divine and serves a wide range of dishes all titled with their Thai name... it was almost impossible to choice what to have from this diverse list. (If you also struggle I would highly recommend the lamb curry.) When your food is ready the waitresses place all the plates in the centre of the table so that you are encouraged to share, which is lovely as you get to nab a little bit of everyone's tasty delights. The food is high quality, it is delicious beyond belief. I would advise you get yourself there as soon as possible for a meal you definitely won't regret.

Have you got any recommendations for great places to eat in Cardiff?

*This article was originally published in Cardiff Times.

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