Thursday, 3 April 2014


Last night marked the first annual Journalism ball for the JOMEC society, so basically it was a chance for me and my course friends to buy new dresses and get dolled up. After finishing our seminar at 1 I power walked straight into town to go on a make-up shop with two of my housemates, one being Mary (part time beauty blogger) who is make-up obsessed and is admittedly beginning to change my outlook. Before uni I never understood how my sister could spend so much on make-up but now a trip into town to buy the latest beauty product is far from rare. 

We strolled around Boots and Debenhams picking up a 'couple' of items each, I went to the MAC stand and the brand sales woman showed me how to contour like the contour queen Kimmy K and it's safe to say I will now never look back. It was surprisingly easy, in short you need to find your cheek bone then apply a blusher below this point right down to your mouth and then put a highlighter on the cheek bone. If you are interested in also achieving the defined cheek bone look through contouring I would highly recommend a visit to a make-up stand for a quick tutorial. 

Mary then introduced me to Elf (located in the Royal Arcade), the make-up was more than reasonably priced, it actually made me have to look twice at the price tags. However, I had already spent way too much at MAC so I decided to be sensible (for once) and come back at a future date to stock up on Elf products. I've got my eye on a few of their eyeshadows.

After spending a few hours getting ready I headed over to Reen's house for some champagne (it was in the M&S sale, students can't afford full price champagne!) and strawberries. For those interested my dress is from online clothing website celeb boutique, I previously described my love for it in my Lucy Meck blog post.

After a couple of hours getting a little tipsy on the bubbles my favorite taxi driver Mike came and picked us up and drove us to the incredible venue playing his CD at full blast, but not before snapping a quick group shot...

We were greeted with champagne reception and allowed time to go and explore the museum at night which was a unique experience. Everyone seemed to stand in one room but me and my friends decided to go for a little explore...

After an hour or so we were guided downstairs to the large entrance room where our tables were beautifully decorated and the drinks continued to flow. The food was gorgeous and before we knew it the DJ who goes by the name of Mr. Disco began to blast out his tunes. This section of the night was a little awkward with a large dance floor left mainly empty, everyone was probably too full from the lavish three course meal.

The night didn't end as classy as it began with me and Liam returning to my Glynrhondda residence to drink any leftover alcohol from a recent house party with my housemates. We then headed to Cardiff's favourite gay nightclub for £1 vodka mixers and a whole lot of dancing. A gay club for me is always a guaranteed good night. When at home in Birmingham I absolutely love a Thursday night in Nightingale's. At 3:30am me and Liam decided to stumble home after a very successful night. Liam had to take his shoes off for the short walk as he claimed the slight heel was hurting him, boys don't know how lucky they are do they?

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