Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Uni stress and procrastination fit perfectly together like salt and pepper but their relationship is as turbulent as that of Romeo and Juliet. You know you should be revising or working on that latest essay deadline but instead you find yourself doing everything but that. I have an essay deadline coming up Wednesday so I have been trapped in my room and at the library for the last few days, but in between that I have some how decided that now is a good time to start watching a new series... Gossip Girl.

How have I only just found this gem?! I am obsessed with American teen dramas and often the worse the acting the more I love it (90210 being a prime example). The acting is however pretty good in this series. I am in love with Chuck Blair and his one liners and Blair and her unapologetic bitchy ways (Very Naomi-esque). I have already finished the first series and I am so excited to find out who is behind gossip girl, but at the moment that's one secret she'll never tell (she reminds me at the start of each episode). But shhhhh don't tell me if you know! Do you love Gossip Girl?
       xoxo gossip girl.

Mealtimes are the one section of the night I have some time away from my laptop without feeling guilty, so my housemate Mary and I decided to make meal time more fun and construct mash potato men... a blast from the past of Mary's childhood. It was so much fun and something I will be doing with my children when I eventually grow up and get married (scary thought!). Have you got any fun food ideas?
Me and Mary housed a little competition and at the moment we are drawing but which one do you think is the best... left or right?

Anyway back to the essay... wish me luck!


  1. omg that food is amazing hha! i really want to try making it it looks so fun! but i completely agree on procrastination! ive just started rewatching 90210! id love it if youd comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/spring-petals-ootd.html xx

  2. It was so much fun to make and tasted pretty good too!
    Me and my sister re-watched the whole of O.C over Christmas as well, when we both had exams!

  3. I just got every episode of gossip girl on dvd for my birthday. Not a good idea when I have my A-Level exams coming up in May and June! Arghhh help me!


  4. Ohh I'm nearly at the end of the second series, literally can't wait to discover who gossip girl is!
    Just use a gossip episode for a reward after doing a certain amount of time of work like I am, good luck!!