Monday, 21 April 2014


Paris is a mythical city filled with romance and history, many describe this french capital as their favorite, and after a visit it is not hard to see why. It is a key feature of many movies and sitcoms, the one that sticks in my head is when Mr Big comes for Carrie after she was whisked off by the Russian artist millionaire. Who can forget Carrie's outfits in those final two episodes? Of course show costume designers had to step it up with Paris being every fashionista's dream.


Me and one of my very good friends from uni decided to take the trip last September. I had been to Paris already twice before but I had never left the confides of the Disney Land resort, I felt this was cheating and decided I needed to see this city that virtually lies on my doorstep. Being poor students we decided on Megabus as our transport of choice (I think you know how much I love the megabus for cheap holidays). We also booked the Hotel Richard, even though the location is ideal being right next to the metro station and the local streets are littered with cafes and bars that are reasonably priced... the hotel was probably the worst I have ever stayed in. Our room consisted of a bed, a sink, a shower that offered no privacy and an outdoor patio table. It was unclean and you were required to walk from the toilets on each level to your room to wash your hands, meaning you know just how disgusting the door handles are. The reception desk were also a tad rude, but we weren't going to let our accommodation ruin our trip...

We chose to make our trip at this particular time of the year in order to catch the Techno Parade, a giant free dance festival where french youngsters gather in the streets to follow vans blasting out techno music and dance their troubles away. The streets were packed and the slow moving parade was such a fun experience that I will always remember... and the best thing is it was free! Haribos were also chucked out at the crowd, who doesn't love a free sweet treat?!

Visiting Paris in the fall was also a positive due to it feeling less touristy and I got a different feel for the city that I may have got in more peak summer months. It was the perfect last trip before our return to University.

What's a trip to Paris without a climb up to the top of the Eiffel tower to see the city in all it's glory...

We spent another day in Paris on a river tour where we got to see all of Paris's famous attractions including the Arc de Triumphe which is such a strange experience. You go under a subway to be able to stand beneath the attraction and you are left standing in the middle of a roundabout while cars zoom past you and beep their horns. Paris is home to some of the craziest driving I've ever seen. This is a far from peaceful attraction, a visit instead to the Jardin du Luxembourg will chill you out after this chaotic one.

Next we saw the Notre Dame where I was lucky enough to light a candle and say a prayer/make a wish. It's truly beautiful inside and all the tourists are respectful to it's serenity.

Whilst strolling the cobbled streets of Paris we came across the padlock bridge where couples go to cement their love for one another through decorating their own padlock and chucking the key in the river. I hope one day to return to the city of love and do one of my very own. I also hope when I make my next visit I have a little more money than a maxed out overdraft so I can do some shopping in some of Paris's amazing shops, but sadly this time it was just window shopping for me.

Another great positive to Paris is it's unbelievably cheap wine and I'm a sucker for a glass of rosé
What do you think of Paris?

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