Friday, 11 April 2014


April 9th marked a lot of Cardiff uni students' favourite day of the year- Varsity. A day to whip out all of your red clothing and war paint and head down to Bute Park to drink cider and watch whatever sport takes your fancy. 

Cardiff feels different and alive with spirit, everyone is together in one mission to get drunk and beat Swansea. I walked to Tesco at about 11am only to find students were already wasted singing at the top of their voices in KoKo Gorillaz and letting fireworks off in the street... probably a little too rowdy for the morning. I first was required to complete a group project, but at about 1:30 me and a few housemates headed down to watch the Fresher's rugby. People had gone all out with their dress and were in high spirits despite the loss. 

The finale of the day comes in the form of a rugby match at the Millenium stadium where the best players and often future rugby stars battle it out in an intense rugby showdown. Not only that but the half time performance is supplied by the cheerleaders. Chanting becomes key in showing your support, my personal faves being "shoes off if you hate Swansea" and "Cardiff was your first choice".  Although all is in good fun and Swansea give back what they take.

The final part of the day comes in the official after party at the Lash. This night holds a special part in my heart and has become my favourite night out. People either can't stand it's tackiness or countdown to each Wednesday night, I am most certainly the latter. Most of my cheer socials end up here and we love it's unapologetic cheesiness: cheap drinks, casual dress and the students who attend have an undeniable affection for this night, all put together make for something quite special. It's quite sentimental saying goodbye to it, I know it's just a club night but it's also where I have had some of my best uni memories. Me and Megan had to hug it out in the final hours of Lash as seen below. Let's just hope the new club night is just as good!

Yesterday was also National Sibling day, I couldn't imagine my life without my amazing sister, in fact I don't think I'd be at university now so I wouldn't have got to enjoy the amazing Varsity. I found this 24 things only sisters will understand, it is so true! Love you loads Abbi!

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