Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I read online that coconut oil could be beneficial in helping your hair grow and so I purchased a tub and have started coating my hair in it every 3-4 days. I usually put it in my hair just before bed and then sleep in it with a shower cap to protect my pillows. I have found it is very thick and greasy but this is to be expected, I usually shampoo my hair about three times to get it out and conditioner is a complete no-no. I have already seen results in the length of my hair, but this could be down to a number of factors. 
Here are some rather amusing pictures of me and my housemate Tash applying the oil:

It is 3 for 2 on all Lee Stafford products in Boots.

I have decided for the summer months wearing my hair in my natural waves will give a much more summery vibe. This mousse is really good at enhancing my natural curls and smells of a lovely strawberry sort of scent. Be warned though it is strictly only half a handful, otherwise you could be left with crispy hair like mine in high school days. 

This product is designed to protect your hair from the damage of constantly styling. I feel safe when I use this product and there is no sizzle sound when it is applied before the use of straighteners which I hate and have found to happen with other heat protectors.

I have always used this product and love the way it leaves the hair feeling and smelling (if you haven't got it by now I love the Lee Stafford scent). It is having to take a bit of a back seat to the coconut oil at the moment but I will be alternating in a week or so.

I have never owned a powder before... I know crazy! And I am loving adding a new product to my make-up routine, this product gives a matt feel to my make-up which I adore. As this is my first time using a powder I am unable to compare it to other versions. Any recommendations of good powders for me to try next or should I stick to this brand?

During college I got slightly obsessed with TOWIE and would wear false eyelashes every day no matter what I was doing, and I would just increase the thickness of the pair if I was going out. Even though now I have slightly let this go and only wear falsies for nights out, I still like to create that fake look and the brush on this mascara has helped to satisfy my fake eyelash desire. If you don't think you're getting enough out of your mascara, read Cosmo's top tips here.

Constantly named the best prima money can buy and having read nothing but rave reviews on the product I decided to give it a go. I was not disappointed it really does improve the long lasting of my make-up (especially with it working alongside the Kick Ass) and illuminates my skin. Worth a go ladies if you haven't already tried!

Have any of you bought any good beauty products lately?

Monday, 26 May 2014


On Saturday it marked my first ever trip to Camden Market and I can't believe I went over twenty years without paying a visit to this incredible place. Each corner was filled with another unique store filled with hidden gems. My favourite row of shops was a line of vintage stockists located next to the Horse statues (ask a market worker for directions to there if you want to also visit) where I found a rail filled with 100s of Levi's shorts all for only £10. I was there for an almost an hour trying to decide which ones to buy, I bought one pair of light and one pair of dark which I'm sure will be featured in a future blog post. I'm in love with them and actually wore a pair for Studio 388 that night. We got talking to the owner of the store and he informed us that a vintage store in Cardiff (I won't name names) buys their stock from him and comes back and adds a significant amount of money on so be warned! We also bought bindis to wear later that night, friendship bracelets (which Mary lost within 24 hours), ate at the Moroccan street food store and had one of the most amazing milkshakes of my life at another store! Anyway who knows me knows I have an insane love for milkshake, I have one almost daily and when going out for food I always check to see if there is one on offer!


On our final night in London we headed over to London's biggest nightclub Studio 388 to see the very talented MK at the WE ARE FSTVL afterparty. He certainly knew how to get the crowd going.  The night began at 11:30pm and finished at 6am, we made it almost all the way through the duration and had one of the best nights out ever. The DJ set was insane and the venue was amazing. You can read all about the venue here. It had a glass roof so when the sun came up it felt like we were dancing at a festival and we got to see everyone's faces in the day light. Everyone was surprisingly still looking good, I always find the attractiveness of the crowd at a house night has much higher rating to that of the real world.

The next day we woke up at 5pm, quickly grabbed some food, got the train to Victoria station and boarded the Megabus for the three and a half hour journey back to Cardiff where we reflected on what had been a truly incredible weekend! 

Thanks for having us London, it's been a blast!


This weekend me and Mary headed down to London for a weekend of celebrations after completing second year and surviving all the incredible stress that comes along with the final few weeks of a university term. On Friday morning at stupid o'clock we walked, well ran, due to our poor timekeeping to the Megabus station. We were the last ones to board and if it wasn't for Mary's hand waving over the subway we may not have made it! We were unable to sit next to each other due to the full coach so caught up on our sleep and before we knew it we were in London!!

We got straight on to the underground and we instantly got the hang of the system and loved it more and more as the weekend went on. We stumbled off at the Westminster station where we were greeted with the Big Ben, River Temps, Houses of Parliament (which I briefly confused for 10 Downing Street) and the London eye. We had some typical tourist photos courtesy of a kind German woman, although after taking she informed us that the clock was not involved in our picture in front of Big Ben... Thanks! If you like my outfit then head over to my Summer Haul blog post to discover where I brought my attire. After some light sight seeing we went for a lunch at a small Greek restaurant and shared a bottle of wine to calm our jitters before embarking on the London dungeons.

The London Dungeons are well worth a visit for those horror fans amongst you. We were taken on a story of London's dark history and met some of London's most infamous villains along the way including Guy Fawkes, Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. This attraction isn't for the light hearted with actors and actresses jumping out at you at every corner and the lights being switched off without warning so you are propelled into pitch black. I won't give too much away as if you are planning to visit this attraction the anticipation and fear of the unknown definitely adds to your frightfulness. I will just say be prepared for the pub section where actresses tell you the story of Jack the Ripper, that was by far the scariest room. At the end of the attraction we went on to a vertical drop ride which is meant to stimulate that of a public hanging. Me and Mary are two people who are terrified of rides and worked ourselves into a frenzied state at the upcoming terror, but we survived and walked out on to the streets of London feeling proud of our bravery.

We then went for a walk over to Regent Street where we spent the afternoon in one of my favourite places in the world; 'big Topshop'. It has three floors filled with not only Topshop stock but boutique designers, vintage clothing, designer shoes, limited edition trainers and food/ drink stops including a frozen yoghurt dispenser. It is so big that upon entering you are greeted with a pile of maps to help you navigate around the store. I purchased a pair of floral shorts from Rare London for the bargain price of £20 and three pairs of frilly socks to wear with my ankle boots for £8. I then went on to buy a shirt from Mango, for only £18 to match the shorts. After some extreme shopping on the high street, we stopped off for a quick costa and got back on the underground and train to head over to Freya's flat in Kingston.

I am here wearing the outfit that I bought earlier in the day:
Top- Mango £18/ Shorts- Rare London £20/ Clutch bag- Warehouse £26 / Scrunchie- New Look £2.99.

We were adamant that we were not going to go out that night as we had such a big day and night ahead of us the following day, but after a bit of light peer pressure from Freya and her flatmates we succomb and before we knew it we were getting ready for a night out in record time. We went to Hippodrome where it was cheese night so we were treated to Frozen's Let it Go and One Direction's hits much to my satisfaction and Mary's dismay. On entry into the club we were treated as if we were boarding a plane, it was a very strange experience walking through metal detectors and being patted down by the bouncers, but once we were in it was an amazing night! Look out for London #2 coming soon to find out what I got up to the rest of the weekend...
P.S. Special thanks to Mary for being the photographer for the weekend.


Jeans- Miss Selfridge / Shirt- ASOS / Shoes - New Look (details on Summer haul post)

Today, Reen introduced to the amazing Chaiholics, a small coffee shop located on Albany Road. We sat there all day there chatting, and drinking their gorgeous "coldies", eating free cake compliments of the waiter and working on our blogs, as you may have noticed I have gave mine a little bit of a makeover with the help of Reen's expertise. She also made me do my first OOTD post and I am totally not use to having my photo taken on my own, but I thought I would give it a go as I love reading other people's versions, and it meant I got to have a play on Reen's cannon to take some for her. The shirt I am wearing is one of my first purchases I ever made on ASOS about six years ago so I have certainly got my wear out of that number and my relationship with ASOS has continued to grow and I can't see it ever stopping! I am hoping to be updating my blog a lot over the next few days including what I got up to in London so keep your eyes peeled! 

Hope you're all having a fantastic bank holiday weekend!


"You never stop learning"- Chrissie Pegg (owner of Script to Screen) 2014.

Bafta award winning costume designer Chrissie Pegg came to Cardiff for the night to discuss her recent BAFTA winning work in 'The Machine'. She was given just two weeks to make 100 costumes with only £40 for each and one assistant. Chrissie Pegg could be called the superwomen of the costume industry completing the task and go on to win awards for this incredible achievment. She is a woman who has worked hard her whole life to give the film industry's budget films a chance to compete with the "top dogs" of the film world.

Upon arriving at the Atrium, St. David's, the hosts for the night provided each guest with a glass of wine, nibbles and a pack which disclosed more information about what the night would hold. Chrissie Pegg then began to happily float around the room and build up the excitement for the talk that would come, me and Reen were lucky enough to have a long conversation with her about the film and gained a bit of background information before the talk commenced. It then began and Chrissie talked us through the process, ideas and costumes from the film that won her the BAFTA....

Chrissie worked closely with director Caradog W. James, who had a very strong idea of what he wanted for everything from the main character Vincent to the protesting mother extras. They worked together to create the looks for the film and the small budget and time frame did not come without it's problems, but despite this Pegg still has a passion for her industry and actually prefers a low budget film as "they are more of a challenge."

My personal favourite character was Ava who was played by American actress Caity Lotz. She starts the film off as a scientist before her body is used as the home for the military robot (it's all very complicated). The naturally skinny actress turned model was required to look a bit more "normal" in her office attire so Chrissie came up with the idea of using padding on the breast and bum area to increase her voluptuousness. By the end of shooting it was lovingly referred to as the "tranny pack" and despite Lotz's initial reservations she actually took it back to America to use in certain dresses to create a behind, a cheeky little gym cheat for those who find the squat challenge a little too challenging! 

The next look Pegg had to create for Ava was the moment she ripped off the skin. When she originally saw it in the script she presumed that task would be left for another department, but there was no special effects it was instead left to Pegg to come up with an idea with just 10 days to go. She eventually decided on using lycra to create this "second skin" that the director talked about it. She began to search fetish sites but discovered many were based in Germany and the USA, with a little help from her son (eeek!) she discovered one based in the UK. It was a man named Simon who has actually worked with Lady Gaga and Kylie in the past. After using her charm she secured the suit free of charge with a promise that he would be included in the credits.

Overall it was a great night with a woman who has achieved mass amounts in her field. Her advice to anyone who wants to be successful in the creative industries was to "just go for it" and "never give up!", but also warned that times are sometimes tough and "you have to really love it to be in it". She was an insightful woman with a vast amount of interesting tales about her life as a costume designer and I felt she massively deserved a bigger audience.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Printed crop top- Zara £19.99.
Leather Chelsea Ankle boots- ASOS £38.50. 
White Daisy Bun Hair Garland- New Look £2.99.
Tan Suede Bow Moccasin Pumps- New Look £22.99.

*These prices do not include Student discount!

As you can tell I have been a little bit naughty due to me recently finishing my second year of university and feeling like I deserved some treats! So here is my very first blogger haul, I love reading other bloggers' ones and have even made a few cheeky purchases from stalking their shopping bags so thought it was about time I did one too!

With the sunny weather we have recently been having I decided it was time to get some summer stock in my wardrobe. You may be thinking the LBD is a little wintery but when paired with nude heels and a bright clutch I think it will make the perfect summer night out garment. Plus it's thin straps and lace detail make it an LBD for any season. I am also loving hair accessories at the moment and New Look didn't disappoint with their range, so now when I am having a lazy day and just want to stick a bun on top of my head I can do it with a little more style. I also brought some chunky black chelsea boots to give an edge to some of my summery dresses and a pair of brown loafers when I am feeling a little more girly. And finally, I brought two tops from Zara which I think will be perfect for my weekend in London. I am leaving tomorrow (ahhh so excited), but not before a blogger's event (my first one... today is a day of firsts)- I will tell you all about both on Monday!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!