Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I read online that coconut oil could be beneficial in helping your hair grow and so I purchased a tub and have started coating my hair in it every 3-4 days. I usually put it in my hair just before bed and then sleep in it with a shower cap to protect my pillows. I have found it is very thick and greasy but this is to be expected, I usually shampoo my hair about three times to get it out and conditioner is a complete no-no. I have already seen results in the length of my hair, but this could be down to a number of factors. 
Here are some rather amusing pictures of me and my housemate Tash applying the oil:

It is 3 for 2 on all Lee Stafford products in Boots.

I have decided for the summer months wearing my hair in my natural waves will give a much more summery vibe. This mousse is really good at enhancing my natural curls and smells of a lovely strawberry sort of scent. Be warned though it is strictly only half a handful, otherwise you could be left with crispy hair like mine in high school days. 

This product is designed to protect your hair from the damage of constantly styling. I feel safe when I use this product and there is no sizzle sound when it is applied before the use of straighteners which I hate and have found to happen with other heat protectors.

I have always used this product and love the way it leaves the hair feeling and smelling (if you haven't got it by now I love the Lee Stafford scent). It is having to take a bit of a back seat to the coconut oil at the moment but I will be alternating in a week or so.

I have never owned a powder before... I know crazy! And I am loving adding a new product to my make-up routine, this product gives a matt feel to my make-up which I adore. As this is my first time using a powder I am unable to compare it to other versions. Any recommendations of good powders for me to try next or should I stick to this brand?

During college I got slightly obsessed with TOWIE and would wear false eyelashes every day no matter what I was doing, and I would just increase the thickness of the pair if I was going out. Even though now I have slightly let this go and only wear falsies for nights out, I still like to create that fake look and the brush on this mascara has helped to satisfy my fake eyelash desire. If you don't think you're getting enough out of your mascara, read Cosmo's top tips here.

Constantly named the best prima money can buy and having read nothing but rave reviews on the product I decided to give it a go. I was not disappointed it really does improve the long lasting of my make-up (especially with it working alongside the Kick Ass) and illuminates my skin. Worth a go ladies if you haven't already tried!

Have any of you bought any good beauty products lately?

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