Monday, 12 May 2014


The traditional Hindu festival is now an upcoming trend for everyone to get involved in. It is no longer strongly tied to its religious connotations and is instead a festival focused on the celebration of happiness through exploding colours and pumping music. And luckily for us they are bringing this event to Cardiff for one day only, I encourage anyone near to get involved. It's the perfect end of exams party with a difference...

The concept is pretty simple; everybody comes dressed pristinely in their white clobber and nobody leaves that way. You will instead be in multi-coloured powder covered attire after spending an entire day dancing away to some awesome DJs, so make sure you don't wear your Sunday best! You can purchase bags of colour to throw in the air or at your friends with your ticket in order to save a little money and have them guaranteed on your arrival. The colour bags are organic and basically just corn flour, so it's not going to hurt your eyes or anything like that (something I worry about having the most sensitive eyes in the world).

The venue has finally been revealed after months of teasing, it is going to be at Splott Market in Cardiff, the warehouse will be your stomping ground from 2:00-10:00pm. Organisers of the event have promised that the 5000 capacity room will be transformed into festival paradise.

Color festival have secured some amazing artists including SecondCity, Redlight and Golden boy. That Thing, one of Golden boy's hits, is my ultimate getting ready/pre drink song to get me pumped for a night out;

And Annie Mac is going to be headlining!!

It is coming to Cardiff on June 14th and I know I certainly want to be in the midst of this colourful celebration. If you're also interested in attending get your tickets here. 


  1. I've heard about this before, it sounds awesome! Wish they had one over in HK! xxx

    1. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger so hopefully it will come to you soon!! xxx