Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Most girls can tell you that their a lover of anything disney with their flamboyant gowns, Prince Charmings and happily ever afters. But what happens when Disney is brought into the real world. Artist Jeff Hong who is based in New York imagined what it would be like if these Princesses entered our imperfect world in his collection of animations 'Unhappily ever after'.

Even though Belle is otherwise known as 'Beauty' that doesn't mean she doesn't succomb to the pressures of the perfect air brushed models shown in the magazines and the male gaze. As a result she finds herself at the surgeon's office looking for a bit of self improvement. 

Cinderella goes out to the ball but instead of being back home at 12:00 after a night of romance and dance, she instead finds herself in an alleyway with a ripped dress. Maybe she just went out on the lash with her mates and is now pondering how the hell she got home.

Ariel has found the perfect ocean she once was able to happily flap her tale is now a polluted mess after multiple oil spills. She dreams of the days where her biggest worry was if her Dad would approve of her latest boyfriend.

For more of this amazing animations look on Jeff's tumblr here.

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