Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Whilst at university I have been lucky enough to meet born and bred Abergavenny girl Megan Evans who has highlighted to me the many benefits of having a welsh best friend. I'm not sure how far I am stereotyping here but I feel her welshness is what makes her the amazing friend she is...

1. The Welsh are naturally friendly and kind natured. For instance, before Valentine's Day I was in a post break-up genuinely sad state and she sent me a card reminding me that there were people who cared which lifted my spirits endless amounts.

2. She is wild and any night out with Megan always ends up with a funny story to tell the following morning, such as staying in a club talking to the DJs till the cleaners had finished their cleaning and we were forced to leave.

3. She has the best accent, just hearing the soft tones of a welsh accent is enough to make anyone happy. She also adapts a slight Birmingham twang when we are together which is an hilarious combination.

4. She has introduced to me new phrases. "I'll be there in a minute now" and "lush" being my personal favourites.

5. And finally, when I graduate next year I am always going to have an excuse to cross over the border and visit the beautiful Wales as often as I like, possibly for another Sunday dinner in Abergavenny.

Love you Megan, get back to Cardiff now!