Saturday, 10 May 2014


So a couple of days ago I was minding my own business checking through my twitter feed during an essay writing break, when I see a tweet by Lucy Watson thanking a company called Hair Vits for her rapid hair growth. I am constantly on the look out for ways to improve my hair and there is not a day goes by when I don't have some sort of hair envy. It's the first thing I notice on every girl I meet, and I'm kind of fed up of this jealousy. So I decided to google the product and I read nothing but amazing reviews, so the only thing to do was order some! A month's supply is £24.99 and that includes 60 pills, you are required to take two a day. The company ships all around the world, the most you'll pay for delivery is £4.99. I received mine today and although the pills are quite large; they are easy to swallow and don't leave a bad taste in your mouth like ones I have used in the past. They also sent me a 10% off voucher so if they work I can use it... I really hope they do!!

My Mum is of African Caribbean heritage and I have inherited her hair growth speed (which is slow... very slow!). She constantly tells me to give up on the battle for long hair and just be grateful, but I am not a girl who gives up easily!

So over the next few months, I am going to be taking Hair Vits twice a day. But that's not the only thing I am going to be doing, here are the top tips I have found for making your hair grow.

1)I will also be using Lee Stafford 'For hair that doesn't grow past a certain length' products. I have used these products before and I have to say I really believe they work. I allow the leave in product to soak for fifteen minutes, even though it was recommended for five because I am extra keen for long locks. It makes your hair smell great too, a definite bonus!

2)I intend to significantly improve my diet, at the moment my diet consists of library food which is a daily trip to Gregg's and a bag of whatever chocolate is on offer for a £1 in Tesco. Food keeps me going at these times and I have never been a good cook, so don't judge me please! But after my final essay submission I am going to be eating nutritionally and drinking plenty of water. Products particularly good for hair growth are strawberries, bananas, salmon and sweet potatoes.

3)Regularly brushing my hair, this apparently awakens the hair pore and stimulates growth or something along those lines. Way too scientific for me but yeah I'm doing it! I'm using my trusted tangle teezer, for anyone who owns one knows they are amazing.

4)Not washing my hair too often as this is never good for your hair. No more than once every 2/3 days is the rule I am going to live by.

5) I will be applying minimum heat to my hair. That includes hair straighteners, curlers and my hair dryer... obviously for nights out I may need a little help. But my day time look is going to be nothing but natural waves.

6) Wearing my hair down. I read somewhere that if you constantly "bun it" (which is all I do) then it can cause your hair to be weaker and eventually break off.

So that is what I am going to be doing. I really hope it works, I am putting my all into this task, treating it like a full time job. I hope to be able to pose in my graduation cap with nothing but my natural hair with no help from my faithful clip ins. 

Here are some celebrities I have particular hair envy of:

Michelle Keegan

Blake Lively

Sofia Vergara

I could go on but it'll just make me sad!!
Do you have any tips to increase hair growth for me to try out? I'm up for anything!!
I'll keep you all updated as to how it works out.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of blogging lately but I have been very busy trying to complete my deadlines, but as of 16th May I will be free to blog to my heart's content.

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