Monday, 26 May 2014


This weekend me and Mary headed down to London for a weekend of celebrations after completing second year and surviving all the incredible stress that comes along with the final few weeks of a university term. On Friday morning at stupid o'clock we walked, well ran, due to our poor timekeeping to the Megabus station. We were the last ones to board and if it wasn't for Mary's hand waving over the subway we may not have made it! We were unable to sit next to each other due to the full coach so caught up on our sleep and before we knew it we were in London!!

We got straight on to the underground and we instantly got the hang of the system and loved it more and more as the weekend went on. We stumbled off at the Westminster station where we were greeted with the Big Ben, River Temps, Houses of Parliament (which I briefly confused for 10 Downing Street) and the London eye. We had some typical tourist photos courtesy of a kind German woman, although after taking she informed us that the clock was not involved in our picture in front of Big Ben... Thanks! If you like my outfit then head over to my Summer Haul blog post to discover where I brought my attire. After some light sight seeing we went for a lunch at a small Greek restaurant and shared a bottle of wine to calm our jitters before embarking on the London dungeons.

The London Dungeons are well worth a visit for those horror fans amongst you. We were taken on a story of London's dark history and met some of London's most infamous villains along the way including Guy Fawkes, Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. This attraction isn't for the light hearted with actors and actresses jumping out at you at every corner and the lights being switched off without warning so you are propelled into pitch black. I won't give too much away as if you are planning to visit this attraction the anticipation and fear of the unknown definitely adds to your frightfulness. I will just say be prepared for the pub section where actresses tell you the story of Jack the Ripper, that was by far the scariest room. At the end of the attraction we went on to a vertical drop ride which is meant to stimulate that of a public hanging. Me and Mary are two people who are terrified of rides and worked ourselves into a frenzied state at the upcoming terror, but we survived and walked out on to the streets of London feeling proud of our bravery.

We then went for a walk over to Regent Street where we spent the afternoon in one of my favourite places in the world; 'big Topshop'. It has three floors filled with not only Topshop stock but boutique designers, vintage clothing, designer shoes, limited edition trainers and food/ drink stops including a frozen yoghurt dispenser. It is so big that upon entering you are greeted with a pile of maps to help you navigate around the store. I purchased a pair of floral shorts from Rare London for the bargain price of £20 and three pairs of frilly socks to wear with my ankle boots for £8. I then went on to buy a shirt from Mango, for only £18 to match the shorts. After some extreme shopping on the high street, we stopped off for a quick costa and got back on the underground and train to head over to Freya's flat in Kingston.

I am here wearing the outfit that I bought earlier in the day:
Top- Mango £18/ Shorts- Rare London £20/ Clutch bag- Warehouse £26 / Scrunchie- New Look £2.99.

We were adamant that we were not going to go out that night as we had such a big day and night ahead of us the following day, but after a bit of light peer pressure from Freya and her flatmates we succomb and before we knew it we were getting ready for a night out in record time. We went to Hippodrome where it was cheese night so we were treated to Frozen's Let it Go and One Direction's hits much to my satisfaction and Mary's dismay. On entry into the club we were treated as if we were boarding a plane, it was a very strange experience walking through metal detectors and being patted down by the bouncers, but once we were in it was an amazing night! Look out for London #2 coming soon to find out what I got up to the rest of the weekend...
P.S. Special thanks to Mary for being the photographer for the weekend.

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