Monday, 26 May 2014


On Saturday it marked my first ever trip to Camden Market and I can't believe I went over twenty years without paying a visit to this incredible place. Each corner was filled with another unique store filled with hidden gems. My favourite row of shops was a line of vintage stockists located next to the Horse statues (ask a market worker for directions to there if you want to also visit) where I found a rail filled with 100s of Levi's shorts all for only £10. I was there for an almost an hour trying to decide which ones to buy, I bought one pair of light and one pair of dark which I'm sure will be featured in a future blog post. I'm in love with them and actually wore a pair for Studio 388 that night. We got talking to the owner of the store and he informed us that a vintage store in Cardiff (I won't name names) buys their stock from him and comes back and adds a significant amount of money on so be warned! We also bought bindis to wear later that night, friendship bracelets (which Mary lost within 24 hours), ate at the Moroccan street food store and had one of the most amazing milkshakes of my life at another store! Anyway who knows me knows I have an insane love for milkshake, I have one almost daily and when going out for food I always check to see if there is one on offer!


On our final night in London we headed over to London's biggest nightclub Studio 388 to see the very talented MK at the WE ARE FSTVL afterparty. He certainly knew how to get the crowd going.  The night began at 11:30pm and finished at 6am, we made it almost all the way through the duration and had one of the best nights out ever. The DJ set was insane and the venue was amazing. You can read all about the venue here. It had a glass roof so when the sun came up it felt like we were dancing at a festival and we got to see everyone's faces in the day light. Everyone was surprisingly still looking good, I always find the attractiveness of the crowd at a house night has much higher rating to that of the real world.

The next day we woke up at 5pm, quickly grabbed some food, got the train to Victoria station and boarded the Megabus for the three and a half hour journey back to Cardiff where we reflected on what had been a truly incredible weekend! 

Thanks for having us London, it's been a blast!

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