Sunday, 22 June 2014


Being 20 is quite an odd phase in anybody's life, especially in our generation where the best age to have marriage and kids is somewhat blurred. While a lot of my friends are coming up to their 4/5 year marks with their boyfriends, I am forced to reflect on what I have spent that time doing; I've got drunk, lost my phone a bunch of times and had a heap of failed "relationships". Now I have waited this long, I feel I am becoming increasingly picky and have a mental list requirements for what my partner should have, but then I remember I am not Michelle Keegan.

If you are entering adulthood single then chances are you have dated some pricks. I can't help but think the people who marry their childhood sweethearts (like Nathan and Hayley in One Tree Hill) have it slightly easy. I often blame myself on down days, thinking about what I have done wrong. And sure I do have to accept some blame, especially as most the boys I date often follow me with a very long term relationship. It's almost as if I am the warm-up. While I am honestly happy that they have found someone, I do not want to be the warm-up girl forever.

Sometimes I think that what I have achieved is insignificant because I am not currently in a long term relationship. This is so wrong and I know it is. But I often compare myself to friends who seem to be on the verge on moving to the big steps such as engagement/moving in together. My biggest fear is being dateless at my best friend's wedding! My life fleets between I'm free, single and the world is my oyster and Bridget Jones' style why does nobody love me?!

Then I remember what the girls of SATC have taught me, be furiously independent and remember love can come to you at any age. Love can not be the definition of a person. Although imagining a life single forever, never married, never having kids is quite sad. But I am only 20 and when it's meant to be it's meant to be! Currently I am having the time of my life at university, planning a summer travelling to some amazing countries and festivals, and working towards my primary school dream of becoming a journalist. So while I am waiting for love it seems I have plenty to crack on with and a great group of best friends and amazing family to enjoy life with. I have 2/3 people components for a happy life, and that ain't bad!

The Daily Mail recently did a survey that said 24 was the ideal age to meet the love of your life, what do you think?

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