Wednesday, 11 June 2014


This week the tragic news came that Rik Mayall, the brilliantly talented comedy actor has died at the age of 56. Drop Dead Fred was one of Rik's master pieces, and the love I have for the film is ridiculous. I chose it as one of my top six films here.

It was a massive part of mine and my sister's childhood. It would always be the film that we begged our Mum and Dad to put on and then laughed hysterically to for the next 90 minutes. When the transition from VHS from DVD occurred it was the first film we had to buy again. Now both of us at the start of adulthood still know and will never forget that Drop Dead Fred is a film we can turn to for a great experience, no matter how many times we have already seen it. It is with great sadness I heard of his death and I will never forget the joy he continually brings.

R.I.P Rik Mayall, you will live on in our hearts and memories!

Now I will leave you with this gem...

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