Saturday, 28 June 2014


I returned to Cardiff for my final two days in our Glynrhondda residence, which I have spent equal amounts of time loving and hating over the past year. The intention was to clean ready for the dreaded inspection which determines whether we will have our bond returned to us. What it instead turned into was pub visits, rooftop pre-drinking, a visit to Metros (one of our house's favourite nightspots despite it's dinginess), a TOWIM viewing, tapas and a giant tie dying session. We are the masters of procrastination.

As I had never tie dyed before but always loved the effect I resembled that of an excited child on arts and crafts day at school.

Mary chose a suitable top for the occasion.

Buy these dyes off Ebay here.

The whole tie dying day was my idea but it was just my luck that mine turned out by far the worst. It just looks like an orange t-shirt, it wouldn't even hang on the hanger properly! But everyone else's turned out amazing and it was a lot of fun! I feel next time I have learnt my lessons: don't buy a white t-shirt that already has an effect on it, don't drop your t-shirt into the pool of orange dye on accident and do make sure the elastic bands are plentiful and tight. Or maybe I will just buy my next one off ASOS?

My favourite design.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Glynrhondda Street as I walked away for the final time. Second year has been a blast and I can't wait to return for my final year, hopefully with a tan and a summer of amazing memories (and a rich boyfriend would be nice too).


  1. My bf and I have been meaning to get round to doing a spot of tie dye for ages now, cheers for the dye link! :D xxx

  2. Hope yours goes better than mine!!
    No problem :) xxx