Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Hi, my name is Josie and I am a Television series addict. By this I mean when I start a new series I am unable to watch one episode a week, a day or even a morning. Instead I will sit there until I have completed it like I am being held at knife point. Without the restriction of Mr.Sky or Mr.Virgin giving me my weekly dose of programming I am incapable of self control.

I am always hesitant to begin watching a new series because I am aware of my flaw and know I am about to enter intensive television viewing. I managed to finish six series of Gossip Girl (121 50 minute long episodes) within three weeks, included in this time was a five day holiday. I then moved on to Lena Dunham's hilarious creation Girls which only currently has two series so I was able to fly through that in not much longer than a week. And now I am watching Netfix's newest hit Orange is the New Black. I am just on the second episode of the 2nd series and I don't see it being long before I am up to speed. By the way, how good are all those TV series?!

I have long insisted that there needs to be a word for the feeling you get when a series draws a close. It's a mixture of emotions for me; a sense of achievement for the completion, freedom to continue with my life, happiness for the characters but also sadness and the thought "Where do I go from here?". My friends always poke fun at me for pointing out that this word that encompasses all these feelings is missing from the Oxford Dictionary. Maybe Oxford will read this blog post and get in touch with me, and I could name the feeling after me. In years to come people will be like "Just finished INSERT SERIES, I'm not gonna lie I am feeling a little Josie." A girl can dream...

What are you all watching?


  1. I am so obsessed with Gossip Girl! It's life changing! And Chuck Bass is just perfection.. I will marry him! x

  2. I know right! I want to be Blair, she's so sassy!

  3. Orange is the New Black is SO GOOD! xxx


  4. It's amazing, I can't believe it's based on a true story!! xx