Saturday, 28 June 2014


This last month has been very exciting for me work experience wise and I thought I would share with you what I have been up to. I have previously completed work experience at Birmingham Mail as described here in my The Day I Met Hugh Grant blog post, and I adored my time there. I love being press, even if it is a little bit pretend. I love the responsibility of having people depending on me to have a story finished in time, the power of ringing someone to get the most information you can then writing something in your own voice, and finally the feeling when it is your name next to something you have written. I couldn't imagine spending my life doing anything else.

I did one week's work experience at Cardiff Times, I wrote Places to eat in Cardiff for their May issue, and I was very much looking forward to working behind the scenes of the publication. During my time, I met the lovely Louise Denning who let me take on loads of responsibility that I was so grateful for. I did the what's on section, the beauty pages and edited many articles. She even gave me a mention in the editor's letter. You can view the issue I worked on here. After my week there I was very sad to leave and so we kept in touch. I went on to write two pieces for the blog and worked with some great companies in Cardiff: Ten Mill Lane and Color Festival. I hope I can continue to work with Cardiff Times during my third year at Cardiff University.

Next was a week at Wales Online, I did not realise how much was actually going to be going on at the office who are responsible for around ten Welsh newspapers as well as the constantly updated website. The company are part of the same group as Birmingham Mail; Trinity Mirror. This company is actually Britain's biggest newspaper group, it publishes 240 regional papers, along with the national Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and People. During the week I wrote countless articles and I was really proud to see them printed. It is not only the writing I enjoy, I also love dressing in office attire, and hearing office gossip. I can't wait to be a real part of that unique environment one day. It all truly fascinates me.

It's not all over yet in my work experience diary, I am very much looking forward to working with Buzz magazine in September. Their magazine looks incredible, I am excited to see what tasks they have in store for me. I would then really like to fulfill my dream of working with Cosmopolitan. Does anyone have any tips as to how to get noticed by these sorts of publications for internships?

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