Monday, 14 July 2014


Just a quick one to excitedly tell you that I leave tomorrow at 5:00am for my two week European adventure which includes Brussels, Tomorrowland, Venice and Florence. I wish I was travelling MIC style; first class with a bag load of money, instead what I am faced with is megabuses and a dwindling overdraft while I am out there. But oh well it's all worth it when you get to be a travelling student. So bye to you all for two weeks, I can't wait to tell you all about my adventures when I return and read about yours.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


I decided that now that I have long hair thanks to micro bond hair extensions I did not want to waste one single day with a bad hair day, so I purchased some Sleep-in-Rollers. I bought them off a site called All Beauty as they offered a considerable discount, you can find them here. The company has a big celebrity following and is known for creating big bouncy hair that will be the envy of the town.

A big brown package arrived for me three days after placing my order and I was very excited to test them out. The application of the rollers was extremely easy and took me no more than ten minutes. Following this I climbed into bed and got ready for my night of beauty sleep. The how to video promotes how comfy they are to sleep in. I would say although they did not wake me up during the night, they were a little difficult when I was trying to drift off. However, this may be due to the micro beads I also have attached to my head or not being used to wearing them.

Here is the final result;

Then after some styling with my GHDs;

If you are a fan of big hair I would definitely recommend purchasing some of these Sleep-in rollers for guaranteed great hair!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


At the start of this year, me and my family took a trip to Cape Verde, a little African island. I had never previously been an all inclusive holiday before so I was very excited to be able to stuff my face with fancy food and drink unlimited cocktails without having to worry about the price tag (as Jessie J would appreciate). 

The hotel offered many activities such as aqua fit, water sports, bingo, beach volleyball and even had live bands during the day. However, I don't think I could do a holiday like this again, as you may have gathered from previous blog posts I lack self control so I hated everything being unlimited. It resulted in me eating my weight in food every day and drinking myself silly every night. In fact one night I got so drunk that I couldn't find my hotel room sending my Mum into a bit of a frenzy. 

The swim up bar was a lot of fun, and you couldn't deny the beauty of Cape Verde beaches and the quality time with your family that the resort enables. I loved being able to work on my tan during the day and then showcase it at night dressing up in my favourite outfits. I think this sort of relaxing holiday would be ideal for a 3/4 day mini break, rather than stretching it out to a week. I just can't handle living on a hotel complex for that long. It made me feel wildly catastrophic. I prefer being able to get out there and explore with little limitations holding me back. This is why I am excited for my European adventure this summer hitting Brussels, then Boom for Tomorrowland and then seeing what Italy has to offer.

What are your favourite holiday types?
What are your summer plans?

Monday, 7 July 2014


Last week I realised that I was seriously missing the presence of books in my life. When I was younger I used to be an avid reader, so much so that when I went on holiday you would not find me in the pool, instead I would be lying on a sun lounger deeply engrossed into a book. I used to read adult books and there was nothing I loved more. My parents used to be so proud, but as I grew older I swapped the books for TV and now I am looking to introduce the love back into my life. For this reason I made a spontaneous purchase of a Kindle off Amazon. To see if the Kindle was for me, I gave my sister's a little practice run by reading 'Me Before You' by JoJo Moyes. I think this book is up there in my top five books. If you ever listen to anything I say in my blog let this be the time you do! You can purchase it here. It was one of those life changing reads that just puts everything into perspective, I don't want to tell you anymore just instead tell you it is a must read.

The device is so easy to use even for those most technologically challenged. There is minimum buttons so it is very hard to get confused. The Kindle is even automatically linked to your Amazon account so after a couple of hours charging you are ready to go! I decided that my first purchase was going to be the much talked about 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green for £1.99. You may have seen that it has recently been made into a film. Here is the trailer for those of you that have been living under a rock;

I always find that reading the book first is so much more useful than watching the film adaptation first as you able to use your own imagination to conjure up images of the characters and their personalities and the places they visit. I finished this book within twelve hours, I could not put it down. Now I cannot wait to take myself to the cinema and see if the directors and casting matches up to the stuff that went on in my brain, my own private cinema.

The thing that makes the book so special and so successful it is a story of first loves and having a zest for life no matter what it throws it you,this is the primary focus, rather than it be a book about illness. When it does talk about cancer it is a completely honest portrayal about their fears, the tests, the meetings, the feeling like crap and the whole part about it that must completely suck. As well as the 'cancer perks' which the author often talks about with a comedic touch, such as we got a drink even though we are under age... cancer perk.

You can purchase your own Kindle here. Now is the time to get one as they currently have a £10 off offer, so one will only cost you just £59.

Have you got any book recommendations for me? I am thinking of giving the Great Gatsby a read next.

Friday, 4 July 2014


Friendships like anything in life that's worth something take time, effort and work. I have an amazing set of best friends, and we are learning now that we are all becoming adults and have our own separate things going on. We no longer get the comfort of seeing each other every day on the school grounds. Now we are scattered across the country for university, we all have jobs, and we all have different summer plans so sometimes it's hard for us all to meet up and find a day where we are all free but last night we almost had a full house. 

We decided we would welcome the summer with a barbeque, cider drinking and my first ever slip and slide. My dad found us the blue plastic and we used a bottle of fairy liquid and a hosepipe to make it into our very own water slide. It was a little chilly to be in bikinis but like true Brits we braved the cold and as a result we had a whole lot of fun. We were reminded of why we have been friends for so long and excitedly discussed our possible summer plans and our upcoming 21sts. A lot of fun stuff to look forward to hopefully.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


After going to see off my gorgeous cousin Holly off to her prom, it got me thinking back to mine. I love looking back at old pictures especially those of prom night. It was definitely one of the best days of my life. I have most of the same best friends then as I do now so it's lovely to look back and see how far we have all come. I still adore my Karen Millen dress, people always ask if I regret having a short dress but honestly not at all. The style still perfectly matches exactly what I am all about stylistically. Four years on and I'd still happily go out in the same outfit, accessories and all (except maybe the clutch bag, can't be perfect can we?). In fact I am a little jealous of 16 year old me, she had better hair, a banging body despite the crap she ate and was uber confident. Now, at 20 years old I can barely smell a chip without putting on a stone and I often have to be drunk to talk to the attractive boys.

I will always look back on my prom with the fondest memories. Even the special boy at the time, in reality we had no chance of ever making it the distance, but the innocence and the hope is something really quite special, and I will always remember him fondly and treasure all the memories from the night.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


90s Midi Dress- Miss Selfridge £16
Margate Wedge- Miss Selfridge £25
Fringed Bikini Top- H&M £7.99
Plain Black Bum Bag- Market £4.99
90s Floral Crop- Miss Selfridge £12
Nude Gem T Bar Jelly Sandals- Dorothy Perkins £8
Lace Hem Midi Dress- Miss Selfridge £18

Yesterday I had a sudden panic that I was flying away for my European adventure in less than two weeks and I have nothing organised so today I rushed down to Merry Hill, my local shopping centre. As well as getting my Euros I also bought a few new pieces for Tomorrowland and Italy. I was very lucky as the shops all seem to be in the midst of their summer sales. Perfect! Miss Selfridge, which is fast becoming my ultimate favourite shop, had an amazing sale going on. Only about 10% of the clothes in the store were full price. So if you're looking to update your summer wardrobe I recommend you head over to Miss Selfridge now!!