Tuesday, 8 July 2014


At the start of this year, me and my family took a trip to Cape Verde, a little African island. I had never previously been an all inclusive holiday before so I was very excited to be able to stuff my face with fancy food and drink unlimited cocktails without having to worry about the price tag (as Jessie J would appreciate). 

The hotel offered many activities such as aqua fit, water sports, bingo, beach volleyball and even had live bands during the day. However, I don't think I could do a holiday like this again, as you may have gathered from previous blog posts I lack self control so I hated everything being unlimited. It resulted in me eating my weight in food every day and drinking myself silly every night. In fact one night I got so drunk that I couldn't find my hotel room sending my Mum into a bit of a frenzy. 

The swim up bar was a lot of fun, and you couldn't deny the beauty of Cape Verde beaches and the quality time with your family that the resort enables. I loved being able to work on my tan during the day and then showcase it at night dressing up in my favourite outfits. I think this sort of relaxing holiday would be ideal for a 3/4 day mini break, rather than stretching it out to a week. I just can't handle living on a hotel complex for that long. It made me feel wildly catastrophic. I prefer being able to get out there and explore with little limitations holding me back. This is why I am excited for my European adventure this summer hitting Brussels, then Boom for Tomorrowland and then seeing what Italy has to offer.

What are your favourite holiday types?
What are your summer plans?

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