Sunday, 13 July 2014


I decided that now that I have long hair thanks to micro bond hair extensions I did not want to waste one single day with a bad hair day, so I purchased some Sleep-in-Rollers. I bought them off a site called All Beauty as they offered a considerable discount, you can find them here. The company has a big celebrity following and is known for creating big bouncy hair that will be the envy of the town.

A big brown package arrived for me three days after placing my order and I was very excited to test them out. The application of the rollers was extremely easy and took me no more than ten minutes. Following this I climbed into bed and got ready for my night of beauty sleep. The how to video promotes how comfy they are to sleep in. I would say although they did not wake me up during the night, they were a little difficult when I was trying to drift off. However, this may be due to the micro beads I also have attached to my head or not being used to wearing them.

Here is the final result;

Then after some styling with my GHDs;

If you are a fan of big hair I would definitely recommend purchasing some of these Sleep-in rollers for guaranteed great hair!

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