Friday, 4 July 2014


Friendships like anything in life that's worth something take time, effort and work. I have an amazing set of best friends, and we are learning now that we are all becoming adults and have our own separate things going on. We no longer get the comfort of seeing each other every day on the school grounds. Now we are scattered across the country for university, we all have jobs, and we all have different summer plans so sometimes it's hard for us all to meet up and find a day where we are all free but last night we almost had a full house. 

We decided we would welcome the summer with a barbeque, cider drinking and my first ever slip and slide. My dad found us the blue plastic and we used a bottle of fairy liquid and a hosepipe to make it into our very own water slide. It was a little chilly to be in bikinis but like true Brits we braved the cold and as a result we had a whole lot of fun. We were reminded of why we have been friends for so long and excitedly discussed our possible summer plans and our upcoming 21sts. A lot of fun stuff to look forward to hopefully.


  1. That looks like so much fun!! x

  2. It was amazing, I would deffo recommend if your looking to throw a cheap party!! xx