Thursday, 3 July 2014


After going to see off my gorgeous cousin Holly off to her prom, it got me thinking back to mine. I love looking back at old pictures especially those of prom night. It was definitely one of the best days of my life. I have most of the same best friends then as I do now so it's lovely to look back and see how far we have all come. I still adore my Karen Millen dress, people always ask if I regret having a short dress but honestly not at all. The style still perfectly matches exactly what I am all about stylistically. Four years on and I'd still happily go out in the same outfit, accessories and all (except maybe the clutch bag, can't be perfect can we?). In fact I am a little jealous of 16 year old me, she had better hair, a banging body despite the crap she ate and was uber confident. Now, at 20 years old I can barely smell a chip without putting on a stone and I often have to be drunk to talk to the attractive boys.

I will always look back on my prom with the fondest memories. Even the special boy at the time, in reality we had no chance of ever making it the distance, but the innocence and the hope is something really quite special, and I will always remember him fondly and treasure all the memories from the night.

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