Friday, 15 August 2014


We arrived in Florence mid afternoon and were quite tired from the travelling so decided to save the full tourist tour for the following day. We found Megan a map and true to style we were at our hotel within twenty minutes, it really is quite impressive to watch especially as I am someone who can get lost on my way to work (I have been working at the same place for 4 years). We dropped our stuff at the hotel and found a small park where we sunbathed trying desperately to get a tan to go home with. I always feel pressure to be brown when I go on holiday, it's like people expect a tan if you're missing from work/social circles for more than a week. Although our tanning was cut short when we realised we were lying next to a big dollop of dog poo. We then went to the nearest place that served take-away pizza which turned out to be an Irish bar. 

The following day we arose early ready to take in some culture. We fully intended to spend the day museum hopping, but the sight of the mammoth queues meant we viewed them all from outside, and took in the famous bridge made up of shops. We then hired some segways for the rest of the day, and got drunk at a sports bar; much more mine and Megan's style. Segwaying was a little difficult in such a busy city. The rules for segwayers are a little blurred, were we pedestrians? cyclists? cars? We questioned this every five minutes. We had a couple of mishaps such as me driving straight into a bicycle rack only to be told off by a bunch of people waiting for a bus right next to said stand. But Megan most certainly takes the prize for biggest segway fail after crashing into a young Italian girl's leg about 5 metres away from the segway hire shop where we going to hand them in for the day. Megan apologised but continued to scoot along due to the heavy rainfall, it was at this point the young girl remembered the naughty words her english teacher had taught her and shouted "Stupid Bitch" in the most aggressive way I have ever heard anyone say anything. This gave us countless laughs for the remainder of the holiday and it's also become my pet name for Megan. She will now forever be my stupid bitch. 

After a few cocktails on the Sports Bar happy hour, we headed back to our hotel for another Italian night out. Thankfully Megan had her map out all day getting people to circle where the clubs were as a result we were set. What we didn't anticipate was for the heavens to open and us to be left to do a half an hour walk in the pouring rain, so I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw (circa SATC 2) and hailed us a cab with my leg. Although I am sure mine looked much less elegant than hers. We arrived at our club for the night, and asked him how much we owed him, and he was like no worries so we happily climbed out and entered. Once in the club a keen Tomorrowlander spotted my bracelet that I was still sporting and we indulged in a long chat about the epicness of the festival. We followed this by drinks and a lot of dancing. Another perfect night out in Italy.

On our final day we decided we would go to a swimming pool to catch some final rays before flying back to England and Wales for some undoubtedly miserable weather. We got to grips with the tram system and the ticket machine that literally threw your money back at you and made our way to the outdoor pool. We spent the day chilling, gossiping and judging other swimmers. We concluded that if you are going to wear an adidas tankini to a swimming pool then you can't just climb into the pool and do breastroke without putting your head in. I am a bit judgemental when it comes to swimming strokes having been a competitive swimmer and I earn money by watching people swim (I'm a lifeguard), so it was nice to share judgmentalness.

At our final meal we reflected on what had been an amazing trip that we were both very sad to see it end. I had a salmon pasta and Megan had a risotto, the gorgeous food was accompanied by an old man playing music off his keyboard come accordion contraption. The meal could not have been anymore Italian. We ended the night with a walk up to the top of a very large hill with a hell of a lot of steps, where we could see the whole of Florence and we said goodbye to Italy (for now).

I had an amazing two week European adventure, and it's definitely made me get the travel bug. I hope you have enjoyed my travel based pieces, over the next month I will be shaking it up a little and blogging mainly about fashion. Expect a lot of OOTD posts.

Here are some songs that will forever remind me of our week in Italy:

Have you took any amazing trips this summer?

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