Wednesday, 6 August 2014


We created a buffer zone around the Tomorrowland weekend as we knew that we were about to embark on some intense partying, and so needed some rest after travelling there and before travelling elsewhere. So as a result we had some time to explore the capital of Belgium whilst staying in a local hostel.


The first thing I noticed is there is a hell of a lot of chocolate shops. Being the poor travellers we are we did not buy a block of this fine chocolate, we opted to instead enter a chocolatier and cheekily eat large amounts of the samples they had on offer. It was delicious and there was so many flavours to discover. My favourite was one of the strawberry variety, it combined two of my favourite things in life.

Other traditional foods include; mussels, Belgian fries (apparently the French stole them off Belgium according to our Belgian tent neighbours at Tomorrowland) and waffles.


It was my idea to visit Mini-Europe; ever since seeing it on Coach Trip I had always been fascinated with the idea of going. My fellow travellers were dragged begrudingly to the other side of Brussels and we went around the entirity of Europe in just one hour. Everyone else got bored and found the heat too much, but me and Mary decided to pretend we were giants destroying the cities. At the end of Europe, a quite random space centre is located (I didn't even know we had a space centre in Europe) which was blasting out Daft Punk, we took this opportunity to pretend we were hired dancers and dance everyone out of Europe wishing them a safe journey home. I do love travelling with Mary! Our London trip, which I blogged about here and here was amazing.


The night before Tomorrowland we decided it would be a wise idea to make sure we got really drunk so that we would be nursing sore heads as we found a place to pitch up our tents; very smart travellers! 

Lucky for us Mary's cousin Max lives in Brussels so was able to show us the best of Belgium's nightlife. He took us to Fidelity Alley which is a street lined with pubs all owned by the same man. Each pub specialises in a different alcoholic beverage; cocktails, beer, vodka, tequilla and absinthe. We tried the delights of both the cocktail and beer pubs and met some fellow Tomorrowlanders which fuelled our excitment for the weekend ahead.

Also located in the Alley is the Jeanneke Pis statue, so as we were happily drinking our drinks groups of tourists were flocking up the alley in order to admire a statue of a girl taking a wee. It is one of my favourite water features ever!


We spent our final day strolling around with our luggage and napping in the gardens of the Grand Palace people watching fellow tourists getting their picture taken at this famous attraction. So there it is... how we quickly covered Brussels. I hope I can one day go back to Belgium and explore it some more. 

Have you ever done any travelling in Belgium?


  1. all those chocolates and cakes look amazing! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. The food was pretty amazing, but it was even better in Italy! xx