Sunday, 10 August 2014


After Venice we spontaneously decided that we would have a day and night in Verona before heading over to Florence. Our main reason was to see that infamous balcony. We were very sad to leave Hotel Giovannina which had earned a special place in our hearts.

We were both nursing slight hangovers from the night before, so I headed straight over to McDonalds for one of my favourite things in the world, something guaranteed to make happy... A MILKSHAKE! (Side Note: Italian McDonald's sell pasta!!). After an infuriating 20 minute wait for McDonald's to open, I finally got my milkshake and quickly downed it. We then made our way over to our platform, only to be greeted by a man who had followed us home the night before from the kebab shop (classy girls!), and tried to have a sleepover in our room. He helped us carry our suitcases up the stairs, and then proceeded to sit right next to us on the train. He was a bit of a creep, but hilarious. We made him sing Maria Maria, by Carlos Santana (the song of our trip) and hits by Shakira and he had the most monotone voice of anyone I have ever met which only fuelled our train giggles. 

After a short train journey, we arrived in Verona (the ticket only cost 8 euros). On arrival an Italian stranger who resembled Andy Jordan from MIC (a guy who we had been hanging out with in Venice also looked like him... must be an Italian thing!) spotted two confused looking tourists and he took us under his wing. He was fluent in English due to his year abroad studying in America and he decided to help us for nearly an hour ensuring we got the right ticket, bus and knew where to get off. During our Italian trip we could not believe the niceness of strangers and how much time they were willing to give up in order to help us. We quickly dropped off our stuff at our hotel and headed into the centre...

My favourite tourist attraction the trip was definitely the day we saw Juliet's balcony and got transported back to Shakespeare time to immerse ourselves in one of the most famous love stories of all time. Each tourist gets their five minutes of fame where they get to stand on the balcony and pretend to be looking out for their love.

I couldn't believe that the film Letters to Juliet is actually based on a true concept. Whilst in the museum, there is a post office where tourists are offered the opportunity to post a letter to 'Juliet's club', a group of female volunteers who are ready to try help you solve your love dilemmas. And, in true 21st Century style you can also use one of their computers to email them. Me and Megan wrote one, and are awaiting a reply... very exciting!! On leaving we touched Juliet's left breast which is meant to ensure luck in love. Since returning home Megan has got back with his ex boyfriend... magic I am sure. Now it's just me...

After having a work around and yet another gelato, we met Megan's sister (who was au pairing nearby) for dinner at a restaurant which looked over the arena. I finally got to have a bowl of spaghetti carbonara, a dish I was dying to try on Italian quarters and it did not disappoint.

Our day ended with a lot of confusion over public transport. We ended up doing a whole circle on a bus and by the time we got back to the square we originally caught the bus from we could no longer get one as they had stopped running. This resulted in us paying for a taxi, and vowing that the hotel we booked in Florence would be nearer to the city centre.

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