Saturday, 9 August 2014


The first two days in Venice were spent alone waiting for Megan to finish her au pairing in a village near Bologna, but instead of exploring the Italian streets and canals I spent the first 48 hours reading 3 books, sleeping a lot and sitting in reception using their wifi. Not exactly Julia Roberts in 'Eat. Pray. Love.', but spending a weekend at Tomorrowland really does take it out of you and it's not too easy to make friends when you are alone and staying in a hotel.

When Megan finally did arrive we spent our first day exploring the centre of Venice. Italian food is one of my favourite types of food and so after eating only one chocolate croissant and a big mac medium meal in 48 hours, I was incredibly eager to tuck into some pizza. We found a cute restaurant on a side street which served us some mouth watering ham and mushroom pizza along with a bottle of their white wine. After much catching up done over our lunch, we started to explore the streets. Luckily for me if you give Megan a map she could get you to the centre of the world and back using numerous shortcuts. Her Duke of Edinburgh award has certainly not gone to waste.

We began our tour of Venice with a walk through some of the markets. We seem to be badgered wherever we went, maybe that's because we couldn't resist trying on some hats that reminded me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. We also found ourselves in an alcohol shop, trying free sample shots of every alcohol he had, including absinthe. Limoncello was definitely our favourite and became our beverage for the rest of our stay in Venice.

Next we decided to take a gondola ride through the city. But not before being treated to a rather entertaining show of a husband and wife fighting over whether she was allowed to put her Ice Tea in the bag after yesterday she didn't screw the top on properly causing it to ruin his film. Who still uses film?! Aside from this the gondola ride was gorgeous. You definitely can't go all the way to Venice without taking one!

After our first full day of being tourists we decided to take a siesta (something that became a habit during the trip) and then got ready for a night out. 

We ventured out into our little town on the outskirts of Venice and by some miracle found a small bar and some friends. These friends ended up taking us to a hotel pool party and we didn't make it back to our hotel till 4am. Me and Megan were so pleased with ourselves that we managed to find a night out against the odds. In fact we may have described ourselves as "owning Italy" once or twice.

The following day we spent in reception due to the torrential rain and thunderstorms occurring outside, and so we ended up befriending the reception staff who brought us free cups of tea and entertainment for the whole day which included a dancing and singing show. One got a little too friendly. We told him all about the new friends we had made the night previous and told him of their plans to take us to a club that night. It was later when we were getting ready that the 40 year old receptionist knocked on our door in his suit and tie matched with his best flip flops that we realised he thought he was coming out with us. After politely telling him he couldn't sit in our room while we got changed, it all became a little awkward but we will always have that one special day. The said receptionist's hand can be seen in the picture of me in the sheet above. After requesting fresh sheets he decided to come into our room without knocking and chuck the sheet over me. It was a very strange but hilarious day.

Anyway, on our final night in Venice we got taken to a club called Molo5 and had a lovely time dancing all night with our new Italian friends, and we even scored some free drinks from the bartender as he felt sorry for us because cards were not an acceptable form of payment. Although it was a little infuriating that all the English music that they listen to is about 2 years old and when we requested new songs we were told they only played what made the Italian partiers happy.

Have any of you ever visited Venice?

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