Friday, 1 August 2014


Nothing in the world can quite prepare someone for their first encounter with the infamous Tomorrowland. Despite watching the after movie a couple thousand times, and hearing my housemate Mary repeatedly tell us all what an epic experience it is through the power of long anecdotes about the time she got lifted into the air at the main stage, she touched her favourite DJ or the time that everyone smelt of daisies and when they breathed glitter come out their nostrils (spot the lie). But when you walk over that hill and see the main stage in all its architectural glory for the first time your body will enter into a state of shock. I spent a weekend of my life partying like I'd never partied before despite often being sober. 

"I feel just as good on nothing at all."
Catherine - Great Gatsby

Every corner of this musical fairytale hosts a surprise, from the men who weave through the crowd at the Grand Theatre stage dancing stylishly on stilts (something I never thought was possible), to our bracelets lighting up during Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike's set creating a sea of green dots flickering along to the music amongst the huge crowds, a daily newspaper, and even bottles of water just appearing outside of your tent to greet you in the mornings of particularly hot days. I also loved the refresh points dotted around the Tomorrowland world where you are invited to wash your hands WITH SOAP, a massive rarity at a festival, fill up your water bottles with cold water and even have an enthusiastic dancing man (who looked like the most content person I've ever encountered) spray your underarms with with your choice of deodorant... yes there was a choice! 

Tomorrowland even have special cannons that shoot air into the sky in order to disperse the clouds and reduce the chances of rain. The festival is euphoric - like a place that only usually exists in your imagination. Each of the fifteen stages has a unique theme and has been carefully crafted into something that you could only conjure up when your head hits the pillow. Tomorrowland went the extra mile with it being their 10th anniversary. Not only did they have two weekends, but they stepped up in their game with the main stage design. The whole thing moved and lit up and even had trampolines incorporated into it for the performers to bounce along to David Guetta on.

Everyone walks around the campsite Dreamville and the actual festival proudly displaying the flags from their home nation, but it felt as if we are all one nation joined together in a mission to have the most unforgettable weekend of our lives.

The people make the festival, you would find it difficult to meet a more friendlier bunch of festival goers. Everybody wants to share smiles with you, start conversations, have a selfie, or even just dance together. I will never see the people again that I had these random encounters with but they made my weekend even more joyous. 

Thank you Tomorrowland for having me. For those interested, I will be doing a second Tomorrowland post based on the music very soon!

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