Friday, 26 September 2014


There is nothing I love more than a road trip and one with my favourite girls down to Liverpool is one that I will always remember. We planned to set off at 9:00am but being a bunch of girls who had outfit planning, hair styling and some were nursing hangovers (guilty) we finally departed at approximately 10:30am. After a few sat nav malfunctions which led us to Liverpool's rougher ends we reached our accommodation, quickly dropped off our luggage and headed into town to see what this city had to offer.

Me with the gorgeous Birthday Girl.
The Jumpsuit I am wearing is Rare London and is available here for £45.

After a day exploring the streets of Liverpool, well actually if I'm being honest a day of sampling the cocktails at Revolution bar next to the picturesque docks we started to get glammed up ready for a night on the town. We played the obligatory drinking games, took a few snaps, had a bit of a dance in the kitchen and then ordered a taxi- a standard girls only pre drinks.

Our first stop was a Church that had been converted into a lively bar called Alma-de-Cuba. It was one of the coolest venues I had ever been to for cocktails, the stained glass windows remained, and there was many booths to sit down. A balcony where you were able to get food, a long bar so you didn't have to wait too long to get served despite how busy it was. The best bit was the converted altar which had been transformed into a stage where Brazilian carnival dancers were found and you were invited to join, something us girls were all too happy to do after a couple of cocktails.

Next we headed to Camelion, a club that in Birmingham is usually filled with footballers and wag wannabes and an upmarket vibe, the Liverpool version was clearly filled with those using their fake IDs. After one of us spilt our drink on a poor girl in the toilets (guilty) and another one of us had an argument with a bartender we quickly moved on to the next club; Levels. It was a really cool club that had many different levels (would you believe it?). Each floor had a different type of music and we all enjoyed dancing the night away with our favourite people.

Lauren was so exhausted from our jam packed day and night in Liverpool she fell to sleep in what cannot be described as a quiet club. Our other friend Robyn's shoulder was not the only sleeping spot she chose, she also slept on a random boy's shoulder who was busy grafting with another girl but when you're tired you're tired.

Jess' 21st birthday has made me excited for this year when we all reach this milestone, and get to celebrate together and get glammed up.

Thank-you Liverpool for kicking off what is sure to be an amazing year in style!

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