Thursday, 11 September 2014


As summer is drawing to a close and I will be soon be packing my bags with all my worldly possessions to head back over the border into the land of the Welsh I got to thinking why do we all love summer so much? Here are my top five reasons.

1) The Music.

There is something about the summer months where the artists suddenly step up their game and bring out records that the winter months just cannot compete with (excluding Christmas numbers of course). Each summer I have certain songs that flood back hundreds of memories of that one particular year. Here are the ones I will be remembering this year's by;

2) Holidays.

Everyone loves leaving their house for a week or 2 living life out of a suitcase exploring a new realm or visiting a much loved home away from home. It's everyone's chance to escape from normality and responsibilities. Worries just seem to disappear as you board the aeroplane (or in my case megabus). Read about my vacations this year on my blog: Tomorrowland Part 1, Tomorrowland Part 2Brussels, Venice, Verona and Florence.

3) Being able to sunbathe in England.

When I put on my bikini in my own back garden, I get the same feeling I get when I pick up an item of clothing in the sale that I would have been happy to pay full price for. It feels almost as if I'm cheating the system, getting something I shouldn't be getting. One of my favourite sunny days this year was when I grabbed my friends and had a slip and slide party, read about it here.

4) Being reunited with my friends and family.

As you get older, the people you spent everyday with during your school days now all have very separate lives and this is most definitely the case with my friendship group. When September comes we all disperse around the country, everywhere from Newcastle, to Cardiff (me!), to Worcester, to Nottingham so these occasions where we all get together are increasingly special and we all cherish them. 

I am also ridiculously close to my sister so when I have to leave her for weeks on end for university I miss her like crazy so getting to have some proper catch up time with my best friend since day one is amazing. And who could forget my Mum and Dad, as I have got older they have become less like parents and more like my best friends who I can have fun with- one of the best things about growing up; gone are the days of screaming down the stairs that I hate them (for now).

5) Everyone is happier.

Finally, I just love that everyone seems to have an extra spring in their step, a bigger smile and more happiness in them than any other season (again, excluding christmas!). So this year I propose we keep the summer vibes going even when we have to wake up for our 9am lectures when it's still pitch black outside or when instead of heading to the shops in our flip flops we have to dig out our trusty UGG boots. But we all know that's easier said than done...

What's your favourite thing about summer?

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