Tuesday, 21 October 2014


The Buzz student guide proves that there is an abundance of things to do in South Wales, but as the student loans are dwindling, the hangovers are becoming more painful and you just can’t stand the thought of another promoter screaming at you to get into their club then a night in is just what you need. Don’t fret if you don’t have a clue about what elements make for the perfect student night in we have devised a list for you... no problem!

Board Games are not just for Christmas day after a mulled wine or two, equally they are certainly not limited to your standard Snakes and Ladders, and no one knows this more than Cardiff’s Rules of Play. The shop located in the heart of the city boosts ceiling to floor of organised gaming chaos with something to offer the complete novice, the gaming geek and everything in between. Their unique selection of games includes the King of New York; in this game you are trying to gain the much sought after role of King to achieve this you need to defend New York from those pesky monsters, Machi Koro; you’re the mayor this time and all you have to help build your city up from its humble beginnings is your trusty die, Snake Oil; think you have a knack for selling?, put it to the test in this Western inspired game where you must collect as many customer cards as possible by making your pitch more compelling than your competitors, and Cash N’ Guns; became a gangster for an hour or two and fight for your share of the loot through eight gruesome rounds. Whatever your gaming desires the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff at Rules of Play are there to help you find the perfect tool to pass away those cold student nights.

Head down to your local supermarket, locate their staple bargain bucket bin and buy the cheapest, worst movie you can find, this film should have barely made it out of the filming studio, any film that made it to the cinema is strictly prohibited. Grab some popcorn and bask in its sheer shoddiness.

Valentine's Day alcohol.

Cardiff Christmas Day shenanigans. 

Getting drunk at home can be just as fun as getting drunk in a club and with the help of a few drinking games it’s the perfect recipe for a hilarious night. Classics like truth or date will make the night pass in a slur of laughter and juicy confessions. Movies are also a great tool to turn a night in front of the telly into a drunken haze. Try the Bridget Jones drinking game where you must take a sip of your drink every time Bridget consumes alcohol, smokes, or exhibits depression and take a shot if Bridget swears, gets frisky, mentions her weight or visibly writes in her diary. Prepare to get very merry!

Grab a pack of cards, a bunch of your mates and the contents of your piggy bank, and gamble student style with no more than a £1 or two stakes on each game. If you lose your money it’s nothing but Tesco everyday value products for the week, if you win treat yourself to an M&S ready meal.

Tie dye is all in, if you want an Urban Outfitters design it will set you back the best part of £30, but when it’s so easy and fun to do why waste your money? All you need is an old white t-shirt, some elastic bands, and the dye which you can pick up for cheap on Ebay.

If your student loan doesn’t quite cover the cost of a pricey gym membership then get online and find a YouTube fitness video, clear the living room and workout in a fun environment. For extra laughs try and find one created by a dodgy looking personal trainer, or an over enthusiastic self-named fitness instructor.

There’s nothing better than binge eating after a long week of university, and when you order in a big group you can afford to get many different dishes. Indulge but remember you are still a student so look out for discounts and offers, such as Noodle Box offering free delivery to students and Domino’s two-for-Tuesday.

Mine and Mary's savoury version of the game described below in which we created mash potato men.


The GBBO phenomenon has captured the nation; its quaint style has made it a hit with everyone including us students. Host your own version of the show, everyone must bake their most delicious cake and then invite a (very lucky) independent adjudicator to judge who’s is best. The winner gets to eat the most cake, and forever know they are the Star Baker.

*This article was originally published in Buzz Magazine.


  1. i love board games haha! great post! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/10/modelling-with-motel-rocks.html xx

  2. They are very fun, I love Monopoly the most!