Tuesday, 21 October 2014


When me and my sister Abbi spontaneously booked a last minute holiday to go to Dubai we spent the nights leading up to it repeatedly watching the SATC 2 film. Even though I am a firm believer in the fact that the series are a trillion times better than the movies, we just couldn't help indulging in some United Emirates excitement in the form of this blockbuster. The very title of this blog post is a slightly altered version of a line in the movie (see 1.02 in the video above) said by my favourite of the four gals Samantha Jones. On our final night of the holiday me and Abbi had a similar experience that made us scream out this line and then fall into fits of laughter (but I will get to that later).

One of my most loved activities in life is flying, I love the feeling of being detached from the world for hours and then arriving in a completely new destination, there is something so special about it. My experience was even more incredible as we were flying with Emirates. We were provided with pillows, earphones, constant food and free alcohol, it was the dream flight. I made the most of what was on offer and tried my utmost to skip sleep (despite it being a night flight). During my two flights I watched The Other Woman (so funny!), Enchanted, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie- WOW), Blended (one of the worst films ever made), The Little Mermaid, episodes of The Modern Family and New Girl and finally enjoyed the music on offer, personal highlights being Queen Beyonce and Ed Sheeran.

As a result of my refusal to sleep during our flight I was one very tired individual so a day relaxing in the sun was needed. The sun powerfully shone down and was literally baking us in the 40 degree heat. I have always tanned easily and loved just lying in the sun but it was so hot I had to spend the majority of the day in the sea. Local taxi drivers informed us that it was a particularly hot for September.

To conclude our first day we went for a picturesque meal overlooking the Burj Al Arab, a hotel that was designed to look like a boat, before piling into our gorgeous double beds at The Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Residence Hotel, which by the way is an amazing hotel in the perfect location.

After a gorgeous night's sleep we were ready to be fully fledged tourists, after a day basking in the heat first of course. The day flew past in a haze of light paddling, bathing, people watching, gossiping and reading from our beloved kindles and before we knew it it was time to climb to the top of the tallest building in the world; the Burj Khalifa.  
After a surprisingly short elevator ride we were at the top looking down on the now tiny skyscrapers. We walked around the ledge and took the obligatory tourist photos. A tower worker screamed at every tourist that walked onto the ledge to "savour the moment" before pointing her camera in their face and momentarily blinding them with her flash. With the woman keeping us entertained with her dedication to getting a photo of everyone whether they were wanted it or not, it wasn't long before the half hourly fountain show began, we were instantly enchanted. The water fires up into the air and reaches heights equivalent of a 50 storey building. Dubai is the most extravagant place I have ever visited, everything in Dubai is at least ten times the size of what you may expect, it is unapologetic in it's wealth and largeness. After climbing down again we decided to watch the fountain show which whirls, swishes and shoots along to the traditional Arabic music another two times from the ground.

After going up the world's tallest building there was only one thing to do and that was look around the world's biggest shopping mall: Dubai Mall. Me and Abbi like to consider ourselves professional shoppers, we can rummage through clothing rails with the best of them but the size of this shopping centre was overwhelming for us. We ended up just standing next to the aquarium for the best part of an hour excitedly screaming every time the shark went past.

I will soon be posting what I got up to in part 2 of the trip.


  1. aww looks amazing! i went to dubai at the beginning of september and absolutely loved it! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/10/modelling-with-motel-rocks.html xx

  2. I was also there at the start of September, we may have walked past each other haha.


  3. This looks like such a fun trip! I'd love to visit Dubai one day :D


  4. It really is an awesome place to visit xx