Saturday, 29 November 2014


December is nearly with us, it's the time for hymns, mistletoe, the searching for the perfect christmas tree, present shopping and of course Christmas jumpers. A good Christmas jumper is priceless, I have immensely enjoyed searching the internet for my favourites. I aim to one day own 25 so I can wear one every day of December until Christmas, can you tell I'm a massive fan of the season? 

Here is my festive selection;

Wear everyone's favourite Home Alone quote with pride, you filthy animal.

Walk in Santa's shoes (or jumper) for the day. WARNING: People may expect gifts if you prance around in this number.

Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? Pick your jumper accordingly. To find out which list I'm on click the link below.

This is my ultimate favourite and I will be purchasing. It makes the impossible possible and makes the christmas jumper chic.

And here is a christmas song to help you all get into the spirit...

Saturday, 22 November 2014


I knew I needed something special for my 21st Birthday, it was the big one. The dress needed to define my life up until now. Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic but it sure needed to be good so about 2 months before my birthday I began searching the shops, the internet, the bins (just kidding, you hope!) until finally I stumbled on this gorgeous Virgo's Lounge number.

I have always loved Virgo's Lounges dresses and I hope one day my wardrobe is stuffed with their unique designs. I love the Bollywood glamour the dresses bring and you can never feel anything but classy in this beauts, even when your downing jager bombs. I paired the dress with my beautiful Christian Louboutins and I was ready to party.


This month I turned the big 21, it fell on a Friday and with all my friends joining me in Cardiff on the Saturday I needed an activity that wasn't going to leave me in a hungover state when a bunch of my excited girlfriends come spinning into our small student house. There is no way I would be able to escape the enthusiastic gossiping, loud chit chat, outfit screenings and girly giggling. None of these go well with a hangover. After having a huge brain storm, I remembered that while I was working at Cardiff Times they had started advertising for NoFit State, Cardiff's very own circus. 

I found out they were doing a trapezing class on my birthday so I collected my bravest friends and went over to their studio to run away with the circus. After a quick warm up, it was time for me to climb the rickety stairs up to the platform and get ready to make the jump into mid air with nothing to hold me up but the strength of my arms (and an instructor pulling a few ropes). All my friends forced me to go first as this was my brainchild so I was very nervous and cautious. Everyone knows you always let a friend go first to check the harness is working, and it hasn't malfunctioned over night. The first time I got up there and reached towards the bar, it felt as if I was back up the Burj Khalifa after a little reassuring from the coaches I took the plunge.

Me and the girls then had an hour of such fun, each time you flew off it got a little easier and landing ungracefully on our bums just became part of the fun. Before long we were spinning, kicking, flipping, going upside down, it was all such care free fun.

If you would like to book a class with NoFit State you can do so here. They offer a wider variety of activities, from the flying trapeze class that we completed, to aerial hoop, aerial yoga, hula hooping and just general fun circus skills. I know that I will be going back for more!

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Soon the beams of effortless sparkle will turn the bleakness of a November night into a rainbow of colour. As you look adoringly up into the sky with a sparkler in one hand, Josie Copson runs through some winter warming foods that you can place in the other.

Instead of the traditional hot dog, place a sausage on a stick and cut a pepper into the shape of a triangle, then simply attach it to the top to make your very own rocket. However, yours will shoot straight into your stomach instead of the sky. Recipe.

The comforting swirl of the pink, fluffy candy is enough to bring back the sweet memories of childhood bonfire nights. If you’re hosting a fireworks party you can impress guests by buying your very own cotton candy machine for a relatively cheap price.

The tomato soup may seem a little bland and unexciting, but when you mix in the spicy Bloody Mary cocktail it makes for a unique combination of flavours that will set your taste buds alight. Recipe.

A fun appetiser for all, create your own version of the infamous Catherine wheel firework by making mini pizzas and forging the melted cheese into a swirl to mimic the real deal. Add any toppings you desire to make a variation that will spin you into a state of satisfaction. Recipe.


A favourite autumn treat has to be the classic warm doughnuts in a bag, but sugar doesn't have to be the only thing to coat the dough. Get out of your doughnut rut and try adding orange zest, mixed spices, melted chocolate and berries for a fiery doughnut worthy of a Bonfire royalty title. Recipe.

*This article was previously published in Buzz Magazine.