Monday, 15 December 2014


With only 10 days to go till Christmas day graces us with it's presence again, the TV schedule is filled with lots of ways to make us feel all warm and gooey inside, the feeling that can only be described as the Christmas spirit. I am not talking about the Christmas special programmes and classic movies, but the masterpieces that come in between... the adverts! Here are my top 5:

1) John Lewis' Monty the Penguin

John Lewis has high expectations every year. Their adverts have undeniably become a part of Christmas tradition and I always look forward to seeing what they have conjured up. And I don't think they have let us down with this adorable short about a little boy who buys his penguin a girlfriend, it may sound a little like penguin prostitution but it is seriously adorable. 

2) Sainsbury's Spoof

The Sainsbury's WW1 inspired advert is gorgeous and I would probably even go as far to say that they beat John Lewis this year in the battle of the adverts. But then I saw this hilarious spoof by Hot Gulp and now the original can never be watched the same again. Sainsbury's worker Sebastian and Tesco worker Barry are able to put aside their supermarket rivalry for a game of football with a ball of lettuce. Photos of loved ones are swapped for pornographic images, selfies and even a cheeky snog between the opposing supermarket giants' staff on the sidelines.

3) Oral B's Merry Bleeping Christmas

Taking a more honest approach to the season that makes us all a little crazy is Oral B. They have taken the most scenic magical Christmas moments and shown us the family struggles behind them with the help of a bleeper machine.

4) Mulberry's Win Christmas

This advert rings so true for me; me and my sister are always competing to buy the best present for our parents or even write the best message in the cards. Mulberry captures the competitiveness of Christmas perfectly, and this advert is my favourite this year as the bag featured in the advert is my 21st birthday bag which I am totally in love with. I agree it does beat a unicorn, pug and painting all put together. I also love the Nan's smug grin all the way through, she totally knows she has this in the bag (pardon the pun).

5) Coca Cola's Holidays Are Coming

Coca Cola are the king of advertising, I did a module at university which hammered home this point, and I believe this Christmas classic is the best of the best.This festive truck advert signals the start of the Christmas holidays when it flashes up on my screen. It has become even more special now that me and my friend Tash went to visit it when it came to Cardiff. FYI: This truck is the best place to people watch ever, and people watching just so happens to be one of my favourite activities any time of the year.

Merry Christmas to you all! 
What are your favourite Christmas adverts?

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