Thursday, 22 January 2015



The 'I Jiggle Therefore I am' campaign has produced what has quickly come to be my favourite advert ever. It captures women's beauty and differences without being cheesy about it a la Dove. It is so refreshing to see realistic representations of what women look like when they work out rather than the completely flat belly, hair down, airbrushed pristine image we are accustom to seeing. When I work out I like to sweat, I know that I'm doing well and we shouldn't have to be embarrassed by our red cheeks and glistening foreheads. There is definitely still a stigma attached, everyone remembers high school PE lessons; girls had an image to maintain and so wouldn't want to look like they were getting too into the sports in front of their male counterparts while the boys were allowed to be aggressive and actually enjoy getting into it. Hopefully this advert, the amount of women being successful in sport and the promises from the media such as Glamour Magazine to feature more women in sport will mean our daughters will no longer feel like they can't sweat and show the attributes usually attached to the opposite sex. We are in 2015!

My sister and I at the Birmingham Half Marathon
There's no need to be ashamed if one of your favourite parts of working out is buying the gym wear. We shouldn't have to justify being both sporty and 'girly' at the same time. Women are an eclectic mixture which is what makes us so damn great! So if you're feeling empowered by that video like me, and fancy some new workout clothes then look no further than Misguided, who have recently released their very own activewear range at extremely affordable prices. I have picked out my favourite outfit below, but if you want to view the full range then click here.

Leggings- £15
The whole outfit for just £24, I know I am going to be treating myself!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


NTAs is a real mixture of outfits, some people look like their going to the pub for a pint (Lucy Watson) while others look like they are going to prom (Lucy Meck). I imagine it is very difficult to decide on an ensemble that is appropriate without looking overdressed or underdressed. Emma Willis managed to master it by wearing a gorgeous two piece. She dresses down her floor length skirt with a complimentary crop top which evens out the look. The colour blocking, black polkadot top paired with the black belt and simple slick hair makes this look the winner. Well done Emma Willis! I am sure she is thrilled... my seal of approval is just way better than any of the awards that her shows were nominated for at the NTAs.


Picture the scene; you're out with your best girlfriends, you're all letting off some tension on the dance floor after a horrible week at uni. You're having such a good time and your friend keeps shouting "tequila time" and you all obey, you don't want to be boring! You're out, why not?! You have a moment to yourself while your friends are smoking so you get out your phone and send a text. It seems like the right thing to do, you can't think of anything wrong with texting your ex telling him your thinking of him at 2am so you click send, no harm in that at all and you continue to enjoy your night. 

6 hours later...

You wake up, you can barely open your eyes because your mascara has somehow turned into a glue holding your eyelids together, your head is hurting, your forehead feels stretched, you are still wearing last night's clothes, and just the sight of last night's pre drinks mess makes you want to vomit. You reach over to your phone, and see you have a message, you think that's weird, why would he have text me?! Then comes the moment of realisation when you realise what you've done, and the hangover intensifies.

Here's my guide for what to do next:


Facing the situation straight away when you are in such a fragile state means you are not fully equipped to deal with it, and the bad situation will only be made worse. It will seem like there is no way to deal with it, wait till the hangover has gone and then with your brain at it's best you will find it easier to fix.


When you do finally open the text and assess exactly what you've done, deny any knowledge, explain you had a rough week and you only just realised 24 hours later that you had sent anything because you are a girl that's got stuff going on. Be breezy.


What's the point in going through this? Do you really need his number on your phone? Just delete it and remove the risk. There is always Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, twitter direct messaging etc though. Maybe we should all just leave our phones at home, or better yet smash them up and go live in a forest free from technology then these things wouldn't happen, but then where we would we get our Misguided packages sent to?!


David Beckham is living proof that men get better with age, and this week he teamed up with H&M again for the Spring season 2015 to create a collection called 'Modern Essentials picked by Beckham'. But who cares about the specifics I just want to see Beckham smouldering in his underwear, and this week H&M heard us and gave us these black and white shots of Golden Balls.

If I still haven't satisfied your Wednesday Beckham needs then here is a throwback to his infamous pants commercial directed by Guy Ritchie. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


2015 I decided was going to be the year I tried to always make an effort with my outfits as fashion is something that I've always loved and I am wasting time dressing in slobby clothes. As they say "life is too short to wear boring clothes". And so just after Christmas I had a wardrobe clear out and have started making better choices, however I am still not fully into a blog groove and so photos is something I often forgot to take, but I am aiming to put up a couple of OOTD posts next week. But for now here is a few 2015 looks with rubbish photos (sorry!).

Rocking the feathers on NYE with my sister.
Top- Misguided £19.99
Skirt- Misguided £10
(Sold out in Pink, but available in black)

Pub Lunch with my cousin Holly.
Chain Headband- ASOS £12

21st Birthday Party with my friend Jo.
Dress- Misguided £20


This university year I am really missing my home comforts so I decided to take an impromptu trip home, and what better way to spend some quality time with my Mum than seeing the oscar nominated movie The Theory of Everything. The film is based on the life of Stephen Hawking but the focus is not on the science, it is instead on the incredible love story between himself and Jane as well as his constant battle with a disease that he was only meant to live with for two years.

I don't want to give away any spoilers to those who haven't had the chance to see it. But British actor Eddie Redmayne is not only gorgeous, but his performance in this film is outstanding. You could see how much he had adopted all the mannerisms of Stephen (a process that took him four months); from the way he placed his fingers to the way he laughed it had the realism that many films aspire to all the way through, so much so at certain points I had to turn to my Mum and ask if it was real footage (but that could just be me and my dopiness), he captured his humour and optimism perfectly. From start to finish I was crying, it is an emotional film (which I did not expect) so take your tissues. It is no wonder this film has learnt Redmayne his first Golden Globe for Best Actor. I can't wait to see what else he does in future projects and whether he can ever top this biopic film. His co-star Felicity Jones who plays Stephen's wife Jane was also brilliant giving him chance to shine but creating a chemistry and keeping up with his performance. Overall, an amazing film which gave me a whole new insight into the life of Stephen Hawkings, who I don't need to tell you has the brain of our generation.

Me and my Mum also couldn't resist a selfie on the way to our cinema date!

Have any of you seen The Theory of Everything? 
If so, what did you think?

Friday, 16 January 2015


So today is the middle of January, which means I am half way through my Dry January challenge. I have decided if no alcohol passes through my mouth I will give £10 to Cancer Research but if I fail I will give £20. So really it's a win win situation.

So how's it going? I hear you ask. Well, on Monday I was asked to go to Bump and Grind at Buffalo as an essay deadline break. I am usually a big fan of this paticular night so it would be wrong of me to turn it down due to the absence of vodka doubles and tequilas. 

I spent pre drinks watching Big Brother and then trying to figure out how you dance in a club, it comes so natural throwing some shapes when you've had some dutch courage but when your system is empty it is difficult to remember how exactly you move. I got given some advice to deal with this situation "No one knows that you're not drunk", so with these words of wisdom firmly taken in we headed over to the club.

Here are five things I learnt from being sober in a club:

1) People are a lot more dressed up than I thought they were. During my three years at university my most common going out outfit is denim shorts and trainers; I thought this was what most people wore to student nights. It turns out a lot of people were in heels and dresses, I think I may have been severely under dressed for most of my adult life.

2) Kissing someone in a club is never private. You may think by placing yourself in a corner for a sneaky smooch means no one is going to see you, but it's likely your sloppily kissing where people are trying to dance/queue for the bar/request a song to the DJ and drunk kissing is never pretty I think we can all agree.

3) A club is an amazing place to people watch; one of my favourite activities (along with plane rides and water parks). And there's nothing better than spying on people's dance moves, from the house shuffle to the Uncle dance to the slut drop. There are so many different dancing techniques to observe, it is the gift that keeps on giving... and the drunker the person the more they think they are Beyonce, and some random guy dancing in their area is Jay-Z and they just have to grind on them.

4) It's a lot less dark in a club than I thought, I could quite clearly see everyone on the dance floor. I did wonder how I'd ever got lost in a club before when I could tell you the exact location of any of my friends with ease on this faithful Monday night. 

5) You really don't need to be drunk to have a good time. This is something my Mum always told me along with "only boring people get bored", and I never believed her but it turns out she's right as Mums annoyingly always are. Although after January I won't be abstaining completely I have definitely realised I've been drinking way too much. Getting so drunk you have to go home early and then cringe in embarrassment the next morning at the previous night's escapades is not something I want to continue doing into my mid 20s, and this night proved that I really don't need to. A drunk girl stumbling around, spending most the night on her own dancing on any guy she could find, constantly falling over and then proceeding to take her top off to reveal her see through bra minus two shells just about covering her remaining dignity only worked to put me off always being 'the drunkest girl' forever.

Have any of you ever done Dry January?

Monday, 12 January 2015


Can we all just take a few moments to appreciate the Goddess that is J-Lo? With nearly two decades in the spotlight she still manages to wow with her incredible ability to dress to highlight that bootylicious body (The only woman who can challenge the likes of Beyonce and Kim K in the bottom department). The leg slit, plunging neckline, sparkly embroidery, and the effortless flowy feel from the arms make this Zuhair Murad dress the night's winner for me. 

Who did you think was the best dressed?

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I think we can all admit to having had a few too many over the festive period, it wouldn't be Christmas without it! The tradition of going to your work's Christmas party, doing things you regret and suffering with the world's worst hangover is enough to convince anyone that a detox is needed.

I largely follow the student stereotype of going out and getting drunk with my friends, staying in a club till 4am dancing, talking to strangers and doing tequila shots. If I'm completely honest it's something I am finding very hard to grow out of, I have always been the party girl and while a lot of my friends are starting to become these things called 'adults', I am struggling to leave the beckoning call of the nightclub lights behind. But this January I decided to set myself a challenge of completing Dry January. This is a month in aid of Cancer Research where you attempt to make it through the entirety of the month without letting a single drop of alcohol pass through your mouth. Through completing the challenge I will save money which I will donate to the charity. 

I decided I would fully experience Dry January by attempting a sober night out, something I have never done before. In all my four years of clubbing I have never entered into those four walls without being at least slightly tipsy. I am intrigued to find out what it's like... will I be enlightened and discover something I never have before because I've always been too intoxicated? Maybe I'll realise that being drunk in a nightclub isn't as good as being sober (highly unlikely but you never know!). I will let you know in a future blog post how I get on...

Are any of you doing Dry January?