Friday, 16 January 2015


So today is the middle of January, which means I am half way through my Dry January challenge. I have decided if no alcohol passes through my mouth I will give £10 to Cancer Research but if I fail I will give £20. So really it's a win win situation.

So how's it going? I hear you ask. Well, on Monday I was asked to go to Bump and Grind at Buffalo as an essay deadline break. I am usually a big fan of this paticular night so it would be wrong of me to turn it down due to the absence of vodka doubles and tequilas. 

I spent pre drinks watching Big Brother and then trying to figure out how you dance in a club, it comes so natural throwing some shapes when you've had some dutch courage but when your system is empty it is difficult to remember how exactly you move. I got given some advice to deal with this situation "No one knows that you're not drunk", so with these words of wisdom firmly taken in we headed over to the club.

Here are five things I learnt from being sober in a club:

1) People are a lot more dressed up than I thought they were. During my three years at university my most common going out outfit is denim shorts and trainers; I thought this was what most people wore to student nights. It turns out a lot of people were in heels and dresses, I think I may have been severely under dressed for most of my adult life.

2) Kissing someone in a club is never private. You may think by placing yourself in a corner for a sneaky smooch means no one is going to see you, but it's likely your sloppily kissing where people are trying to dance/queue for the bar/request a song to the DJ and drunk kissing is never pretty I think we can all agree.

3) A club is an amazing place to people watch; one of my favourite activities (along with plane rides and water parks). And there's nothing better than spying on people's dance moves, from the house shuffle to the Uncle dance to the slut drop. There are so many different dancing techniques to observe, it is the gift that keeps on giving... and the drunker the person the more they think they are Beyonce, and some random guy dancing in their area is Jay-Z and they just have to grind on them.

4) It's a lot less dark in a club than I thought, I could quite clearly see everyone on the dance floor. I did wonder how I'd ever got lost in a club before when I could tell you the exact location of any of my friends with ease on this faithful Monday night. 

5) You really don't need to be drunk to have a good time. This is something my Mum always told me along with "only boring people get bored", and I never believed her but it turns out she's right as Mums annoyingly always are. Although after January I won't be abstaining completely I have definitely realised I've been drinking way too much. Getting so drunk you have to go home early and then cringe in embarrassment the next morning at the previous night's escapades is not something I want to continue doing into my mid 20s, and this night proved that I really don't need to. A drunk girl stumbling around, spending most the night on her own dancing on any guy she could find, constantly falling over and then proceeding to take her top off to reveal her see through bra minus two shells just about covering her remaining dignity only worked to put me off always being 'the drunkest girl' forever.

Have any of you ever done Dry January?

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