Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I think we can all admit to having had a few too many over the festive period, it wouldn't be Christmas without it! The tradition of going to your work's Christmas party, doing things you regret and suffering with the world's worst hangover is enough to convince anyone that a detox is needed.

I largely follow the student stereotype of going out and getting drunk with my friends, staying in a club till 4am dancing, talking to strangers and doing tequila shots. If I'm completely honest it's something I am finding very hard to grow out of, I have always been the party girl and while a lot of my friends are starting to become these things called 'adults', I am struggling to leave the beckoning call of the nightclub lights behind. But this January I decided to set myself a challenge of completing Dry January. This is a month in aid of Cancer Research where you attempt to make it through the entirety of the month without letting a single drop of alcohol pass through your mouth. Through completing the challenge I will save money which I will donate to the charity. 

I decided I would fully experience Dry January by attempting a sober night out, something I have never done before. In all my four years of clubbing I have never entered into those four walls without being at least slightly tipsy. I am intrigued to find out what it's like... will I be enlightened and discover something I never have before because I've always been too intoxicated? Maybe I'll realise that being drunk in a nightclub isn't as good as being sober (highly unlikely but you never know!). I will let you know in a future blog post how I get on...

Are any of you doing Dry January?

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