Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Picture the scene; you're out with your best girlfriends, you're all letting off some tension on the dance floor after a horrible week at uni. You're having such a good time and your friend keeps shouting "tequila time" and you all obey, you don't want to be boring! You're out, why not?! You have a moment to yourself while your friends are smoking so you get out your phone and send a text. It seems like the right thing to do, you can't think of anything wrong with texting your ex telling him your thinking of him at 2am so you click send, no harm in that at all and you continue to enjoy your night. 

6 hours later...

You wake up, you can barely open your eyes because your mascara has somehow turned into a glue holding your eyelids together, your head is hurting, your forehead feels stretched, you are still wearing last night's clothes, and just the sight of last night's pre drinks mess makes you want to vomit. You reach over to your phone, and see you have a message, you think that's weird, why would he have text me?! Then comes the moment of realisation when you realise what you've done, and the hangover intensifies.

Here's my guide for what to do next:


Facing the situation straight away when you are in such a fragile state means you are not fully equipped to deal with it, and the bad situation will only be made worse. It will seem like there is no way to deal with it, wait till the hangover has gone and then with your brain at it's best you will find it easier to fix.


When you do finally open the text and assess exactly what you've done, deny any knowledge, explain you had a rough week and you only just realised 24 hours later that you had sent anything because you are a girl that's got stuff going on. Be breezy.


What's the point in going through this? Do you really need his number on your phone? Just delete it and remove the risk. There is always Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, twitter direct messaging etc though. Maybe we should all just leave our phones at home, or better yet smash them up and go live in a forest free from technology then these things wouldn't happen, but then where we would we get our Misguided packages sent to?!


  1. Omg I love this, I have sent 1 too many of these drunk texts before... If only we could go live in a forest away from technology, avoid all awkward situations like this aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. They are the worst but yet we do it to ourselves over and over!! haha xx