Thursday, 22 January 2015



The 'I Jiggle Therefore I am' campaign has produced what has quickly come to be my favourite advert ever. It captures women's beauty and differences without being cheesy about it a la Dove. It is so refreshing to see realistic representations of what women look like when they work out rather than the completely flat belly, hair down, airbrushed pristine image we are accustom to seeing. When I work out I like to sweat, I know that I'm doing well and we shouldn't have to be embarrassed by our red cheeks and glistening foreheads. There is definitely still a stigma attached, everyone remembers high school PE lessons; girls had an image to maintain and so wouldn't want to look like they were getting too into the sports in front of their male counterparts while the boys were allowed to be aggressive and actually enjoy getting into it. Hopefully this advert, the amount of women being successful in sport and the promises from the media such as Glamour Magazine to feature more women in sport will mean our daughters will no longer feel like they can't sweat and show the attributes usually attached to the opposite sex. We are in 2015!

My sister and I at the Birmingham Half Marathon
There's no need to be ashamed if one of your favourite parts of working out is buying the gym wear. We shouldn't have to justify being both sporty and 'girly' at the same time. Women are an eclectic mixture which is what makes us so damn great! So if you're feeling empowered by that video like me, and fancy some new workout clothes then look no further than Misguided, who have recently released their very own activewear range at extremely affordable prices. I have picked out my favourite outfit below, but if you want to view the full range then click here.

Leggings- £15
The whole outfit for just £24, I know I am going to be treating myself!

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