Tuesday, 20 January 2015


2015 I decided was going to be the year I tried to always make an effort with my outfits as fashion is something that I've always loved and I am wasting time dressing in slobby clothes. As they say "life is too short to wear boring clothes". And so just after Christmas I had a wardrobe clear out and have started making better choices, however I am still not fully into a blog groove and so photos is something I often forgot to take, but I am aiming to put up a couple of OOTD posts next week. But for now here is a few 2015 looks with rubbish photos (sorry!).

Rocking the feathers on NYE with my sister.
Top- Misguided £19.99
Skirt- Misguided £10
(Sold out in Pink, but available in black)

Pub Lunch with my cousin Holly.
Chain Headband- ASOS £12

21st Birthday Party with my friend Jo.
Dress- Misguided £20

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