Thursday, 5 February 2015


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So much love for my BF Liam Havard

The Theory of Everything with my bessie #sundayfunday #cinema #love #mum

Rock climbing on a Wednesday afternoon as you do #Cardiff


Georgia's ass

Abbi outfit choosing for me #clothes #wardrobe

Last day in the library before deadline, never want to hear the words football hooligan again #uni #thirdyear

Dolly Parton is my spirit animal #truthtuesdays #girl

#tbt to when me and Abbi thought we were in Destiny's Child #love #sistersister #imasurvivor

Excited to start writing in this, such a cool concept

Abbi modelling my spring/summer '14 collection

No greater bond than that of two sisters

 Do you enjoy these picture heavy posts, if so should I make this a monthly feature? What have you all got up to this January?

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