Monday, 13 April 2015


We all have certain pet hates, things that can turn our happiness from a 10-0 in a matter of seconds. Here are mine;

1. When people say "I don't really do Valentine's Day" and then proceed to tell you "but 'enter generic boy name' does get me some flowers and we usually go out for a bit of food". So in summary you actually do partake in Valentine's day, come on you are only lying to yourself!

2. When people write on social media asking for holiday companions. Such as someone on Facebook writes a status saying "Really fancy Ibiza this year. Anyone up for it?". Why not text people who are actually your friends not your FB friends who let's face it include Gary who you met once during a night out at Tiger Tiger or your ex-boss Natalia from Next. Has a holiday ever actually been organised through this medium? The cringe worthiness of these statuses are too much for me to handle.

3. People who go to the gym in full hair and make-up and do a total of 10 minutes on each machine. Their breathing doesn't change and not one single piece of sweat comes out of them. I just don't think you are going to achieve results through this laid back method.

4. When someone tells me that I am really going to struggle to get a job after university. I know I am living it and therefore I really don't need reminding.

5. When someone begins to talk to me and then gives up. I am more than happy to converse with anyone anywhere, on the train/bus/street etc, but those who start a conversation with me and then after 2 minutes give up and leave us standing awkwardly in silence is not right. If you are going to start talking to a stranger you just have to commit.

What are your pet hates?


I am a self confessed reality television addict, and I am in a constant love affair with all things "real", the cheesier the better. There is one show that has had me gripped from the very first stare off in Sugar Hut, I have never missed a tear, tantrum or bodged boob job and that is of course TOWIE. I can't get enough of the fake tanned, drama loving cast. In this blog post I want to take a minute to think of those that we have lost along the way, those fallen glam soldiers. Everyone knows where Lauren Goodger is, her selfies are unmissable, and her ex-fiance Mark Wright is barely out the magazines after becoming engaged to Corrie beauty Michelle Keegan. Joey Essex, Lucy Meck, Amy Childs... I can barely go a week without seeing their names somewhere, but what I really want to know is where is Harry's German ex-beau Kurk, or Gemma Collins' bessie mate Greek twins Dino and Georgio, where did they end up? These are the important questions.

So join me while I put my journalist and detective skills to the test in order to discover exactly where these Z-listers are now. I mean why else would I be doing a Journalism degree if not for this very purpose?! And in combination with the fact that I figured out Danny Miller's killer before DI Hardy and DS Miller I am more than qualified.


Series: 3-4.
Character summary: These pint-sized twins were Gemma Collins' BFFs constantly there to cheer her up after her many unlucky in love moments, a role that Bobby has now took over. 
Best Moment: When Gemma made them paint themselves gold and act as life size Golden Globe trophies to greet her guests at her birthday party.
Twitter followers: Dino has 89.5k whilst Georgio is falling behind with 55.4k.
Where are they now: The two men when not being a shoulder to cry on for G were filmed working out so it makes perfect sense that the twosome went on to own their own fitness company- G'rilla Fitness which sells supplements and even their own range of work out clothing.


Series: 8-10.
Character summary: Daughter of the vicar Abi was best friends with Jasmine and went on dates with Tom P, Lockie and of course Diags.
Best Moment: Long before we or Diags even knew who Fran was Abi gave him a chance despite his lack of luck with other ladies. A venture on a rowing boat provided one of the cutest dates in TOWIE history and little Diags began to become a man with Abi's help.
Twitter followers: 136k.
Where are they now: Apart from an appearance on Katie Piper's Bodyshockers after a dodgy lip filler job Abi has earned the ultimate reality star accolade by dating a professional footballer; ex-West Bromwich Albion star player Rob Davies. She also has her own clothing website called Abi's Boutique.


Series: A very brief appearance in series 7.
Character summary: A Sugar Hut honey working under Mick to make the club more sexy? (I'm not exactly sure of their purpose) who engaged in some flirty messages with resident bad boy Mario Falcone.
Best Moment: Whilst working as a Sugar Hut honey she told Lucy that Mario had been texting her, only to be shot down and told her she shouldn't have been replying in the first place... awkward!
Twitter followers: 106K.
Where are they now: Jess went on to star in the 2nd season of Ex on the Beach 2 and had a turbulent time with ex Rogan, and has even made an appearance on First Dates whilst partaking in multiple modelling jobs. This girl seems to love staring in reality television as much as I love watching it.


Series: 3.
Character summary: Basically just there for Harry to play with. 
Best Moment: A dinner date with Harry where they discussed Kurt's German heritage over a Chinese meal that Harry had claimed to cook but secretly ordered.
Twitter followers: A measly 6k. I guess one awkward dinner date with Harry just wasn't enough to launch him into stardom.
Where are they now: He now remains behind the camera and instead helps others look good on screen with his job as a freelance make-up artist.


Series: 1-3.
Character summary: Maria was Lauren Pope's roommate who enjoyed a brief fling with silver fox Mick which upset GC who had a massive crush on him and Kirk who hated her.
Best Moment: It is of course when Kirk called her an "extra" in the middle of a restaurant while she was defending best friend Lauren Pope.
Twitter followers: An impressive 459k.
Where are they now: Maria Fowler has continued to be a party girl making appearances at many clubs and events. She has continued with her glamour modelling and enjoyed a brief fling with footballer Lee Croft which saw her swap Essex for Scotland.


Series: 4-5.
Character summary: Georgina was introduced as Lauren Pope's bessie and attracted a lot of male attention even prompting Joey Essex to ask her on a date.
Best Moment: When all the TOWIE girls were all obsessed with the fact that she liked to wear jeans in clubs, they just could not get the concept. Even Joey Essex struggled with it.
Twitter followers: 104k.
Where are they now: Georgina is a successful model managed by AmConceptsUK. Georgina's boyfriend is Manchester United footballer Tom Cleverley (see a theme here?) who she had baby girl Neveah Rose with in June 2013. Her best friend is Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes, she didn't do too bad at all for someone who had 0 of her own storylines.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


As I have knighted myself the title of 'Best Present Giver' I am in constant competition with myself to always give the gifts that people are impressed with. So when I saw a tweet from Birmingham Mail advertising a hot tub cinema I was intrigued and when I read into it I thought it would be perfect for two of my best friends' 21st birthdays so I brought the tickets. Sadly for them with their birthdays in January they had a while to wait but yesterday the night finally floated around (see what I did there!). We knew very little about what we were in for but we were excited. We jumped on our first bus since high school and made our way into Digbeth and then were threw off and were left to meander around in 4 inch heels guided by nothing more than the iPhone maps. 

When we first walked into the venue we were amazed. It was decorated to perfection. We quickly got into our bikinis and kaftans, brought ourselves some drink tokens and headed into our jacuzzi, or what we reffered to it as the 'hot bath'. Sadly, you had to choose between bubbles or warm water as the generator couldn't quite cope with both. I was a little disappointed with this as for £33 you expect a little bit of bubbles but this would be my only complaint, and you could fill your bubble void with some fizzy drinks.

Bikini Top- Next £24
Bikini Bottoms- Next £14

In our tub there was no room for manoeuvre so your night is filled with apologises to your new friends, but luckily for us we had two lovely drunk (that always helps) girls who we actually knew through friends, sometimes I feel like my life should be a reality show. These accidental bump ins and encounters are always happening to me without the need for a producer and director! 

Once the film began, The Lion King, everyone was off. I don't feel I will ever watch it again in such a fun environment. Everyone was singing along to the lyrics on screen, a personal favourite was Hakuna Matona, one room belting it out in unison was an excellent moment. And the final fight scene between Scar and Simba made the room resemble more of an underground fight night as everyone chanted "Simba Simba Simba" and the occasional encouraging yelp of "You got this Simba, take Scar down". Once the film was finished they played some old school classics and everyone got up on their feet dancing and singing along and finally the bubbles were put on. WARNING: Dancing in a hot tub is slippery. I found out the hard and embarrassing way.

The drinks were on average a reasonable £4, and there is no need to get out your tub as the waiters deliver your ciders and wine, or if you're a little more up market you can get a preseco darling. If you are interested in getting tickets you can do so here, they show all the classics including Pretty Woman, Mean Girls and Dirty Dancing. The event is also in Bristol, London and even the USA and Ibiza. I'm sure it's going to be travelling to a load more destinations. It is a bubbly night that really is swimmingly fun, just make sure you don't look at the tub as you get out there is nothing to be gained from seeing the swirling fake tanned water. You can shower/be clean when you're dead.