Saturday, 11 April 2015


As I have knighted myself the title of 'Best Present Giver' I am in constant competition with myself to always give the gifts that people are impressed with. So when I saw a tweet from Birmingham Mail advertising a hot tub cinema I was intrigued and when I read into it I thought it would be perfect for two of my best friends' 21st birthdays so I brought the tickets. Sadly for them with their birthdays in January they had a while to wait but yesterday the night finally floated around (see what I did there!). We knew very little about what we were in for but we were excited. We jumped on our first bus since high school and made our way into Digbeth and then were threw off and were left to meander around in 4 inch heels guided by nothing more than the iPhone maps. 

When we first walked into the venue we were amazed. It was decorated to perfection. We quickly got into our bikinis and kaftans, brought ourselves some drink tokens and headed into our jacuzzi, or what we reffered to it as the 'hot bath'. Sadly, you had to choose between bubbles or warm water as the generator couldn't quite cope with both. I was a little disappointed with this as for £33 you expect a little bit of bubbles but this would be my only complaint, and you could fill your bubble void with some fizzy drinks.

Bikini Top- Next £24
Bikini Bottoms- Next £14

In our tub there was no room for manoeuvre so your night is filled with apologises to your new friends, but luckily for us we had two lovely drunk (that always helps) girls who we actually knew through friends, sometimes I feel like my life should be a reality show. These accidental bump ins and encounters are always happening to me without the need for a producer and director! 

Once the film began, The Lion King, everyone was off. I don't feel I will ever watch it again in such a fun environment. Everyone was singing along to the lyrics on screen, a personal favourite was Hakuna Matona, one room belting it out in unison was an excellent moment. And the final fight scene between Scar and Simba made the room resemble more of an underground fight night as everyone chanted "Simba Simba Simba" and the occasional encouraging yelp of "You got this Simba, take Scar down". Once the film was finished they played some old school classics and everyone got up on their feet dancing and singing along and finally the bubbles were put on. WARNING: Dancing in a hot tub is slippery. I found out the hard and embarrassing way.

The drinks were on average a reasonable £4, and there is no need to get out your tub as the waiters deliver your ciders and wine, or if you're a little more up market you can get a preseco darling. If you are interested in getting tickets you can do so here, they show all the classics including Pretty Woman, Mean Girls and Dirty Dancing. The event is also in Bristol, London and even the USA and Ibiza. I'm sure it's going to be travelling to a load more destinations. It is a bubbly night that really is swimmingly fun, just make sure you don't look at the tub as you get out there is nothing to be gained from seeing the swirling fake tanned water. You can shower/be clean when you're dead.

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