Monday, 25 May 2015


Cardiff is quickly becoming a bastion of food and drink. We are being spoilt for choice with a new joint regularly oozing into the scene – whether you fancy a bib and seafood at Lobster and Burger, a sweet snack at Pancake House or a juicy burger at American favourite Five Guys – it seems we have it all. But we didn’t know what we were missing until a Slug and Lettuce popped up on the corner of Friary Centre offering some of the most delicious food around. Whatever your stomach growls for they have it.
On a sunny Monday afternoon I strolled over to Slug and Lettuce. As I walked in the restaurant my favourite song Take Me to Church by Hozier was playing softly over the sound system, the swanky purple d├ęcor adorned with glittering chandeliers was looking fabulous, the sun was shining through the windows, and I was instantly greeted by an upbeat waiter. Good start I thought. The manager of the restaurant guided us over to our table positioned in the conservatory. We had a lovely view of the Castle and City Hall and it was the perfect place for people watching, an activity I think we can all admit to enjoying. We wasted no time ordering a couple of spritzers and delving in to reading the extensive menu.

For mains, my friend and I decided we would share two dishes as we were finding it way too difficult to decide on just one. First, on our list was the Spanish-style Chicken with Quinoa and Couscous chosen off the under 500 calories menu. A light refreshing dish that tasted very much of the black beans. It was so tasty you would never have known about its low calorie rating. My friend and I summarised that it would be the perfect dish for those on a first date, it was easy to consume while still allowing you to remain dignified. On the other hand there was our second choice The Ultimate S&L Burger. A meal that really requires your full attention. Fitting your mouth around the layers of cheese, juicy beef, crispy bacon, succulent pulled pork and salad dressing was a challenge but one that I was more than happy to accept. The dish came with chips and spicy coleslaw, and when served altogether it became an immensely satisfying meal.

When our friendly waiter Dan asked us if we wanted desserts just a look between me and my friend was required and we knew it was on. On the waiter’s recommendation we went for the Cookie Cup Explosion off the specials menu and the Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bar. The cookie cup was a little hard to get into at first but when the ice-cream melted onto the hard exterior of the cookie it was divine. I cannot fault the latter choice – it was possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had! You just have to try it for yourselves. We could have shared further desserts, but this is more of a reflection on the deliciousness of the chocolate goodies than than the portion sizes.
Everyone loves a bit of pub grub and if you don’t fancy eating your fish and chips while watching a bunch of students down their 2 for £10 pitchers at Spoons then Slug provides a very viable alternative, sprinkling a little class on the proceedings. If you fancy judging for yourself (and trying the chocolate and salted caramel bar) then head down on a Monday where you will get 50% off your total food bill. This way you can eat double as much – it’s just maths! Head over to the website now to book your table and to look at all their other promotions and deals.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


"Why should we choose her?" I hear you ask. Look at my acrostic and it will show you why... 

Cause I am perfect for this job. That not enough? Luckily I have 7 more letters to expand.
Happy happy happy soul. When everyone hits that travelling down point because they haven't slept for 48 hours and all they have lining their stomaches is a portion of cheesy chips from a questionable vendor - I will still be going. I did Jailbreak this year, essentially we had 52 hours to make it as far away from Cardiff and back as possible without spending any money on transport all in the name of charity (if you're interested read about it here). During this trip even when I thought we were going to be sleeping rough, I was more than happy to belt out Beautiful by Christina Aguilera at a karaoke bar like a girl who had a reservation at the Hilton.
Obsession with travel. I've got that infamous wanderlust. Even when I have a maxed out student overdraft I will always find the money to explore. I love seeing new places and immersing myself into new cultures, and then writing about it.
Open to anything. There is nothing like a new experience to get my tummy tossing and turning. Even if it is just a new item on the McDonalds menu - I get excited very easy.
Sucker for a good photo/video. I find it the best way to document all of my memories much to the dismay of my Mother who is subject to many of my selfies. Since I was a little bambino I have been obsessed with cameras and I would ask for the newest model every Christmas off Santa (sorry again Mum!). Also, I regularly play with my friend's GoPro so I know the logistics of the device.
Experience. I've had my blog for over a year now, and I love writing about all my adventures at home and away (all can be found on this URL that you are currently on). A professional high was being given a press pass to cover the Colour Festival in Cardiff (see it here). I have been lucky enough to be asked to cover the same event again this year. A personal favourite of my blog ramblings is the Tomorrowland experience (read about it here and here). I have also been published in many publications such as Cardiff Times, Buzz Magazine, Wales Online, Birmingham Mail (where I got to meet Hugh Grant, not sure of the relevancy but who doesn't appreciate a good name drop?!) and many more. I am also just about to graduate from Cardiff University with a degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (that more relevant?). 
Music makes the people come together. I had to quote from my idol Madonna there. I love music and have attended the infamous Tomorrowland and V Festival (twice) and I already have tickets for Love Saves The Day and X Festival for the end of May/start of June. I always go to as many gigs as I can throughout the year. Music and travel make for the perfect marriage in my head. If I was afforded the opportunity to spend a summer attending and writing about these events that I love so much it would be a dream come true (pardon the cliche but it's true!).

Expert in social media. I know everyone can probably call themselves that these days but I have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blog - you name it I have it. And I did an entire module at uni called 'Social Media Trends' that taught me all the professional tricks of the trade which gives me that extra edge on these mediums.

Now a few photos that I've taken on my travels thrown in for good measure...

Friday, 1 May 2015


Blazer- ITSBYLP £39.99
Trousers- ITSBYLP £29.99
Lace Bralet- Topshop
Shoes- Office £75

Last weekend was yet another 21st, and her birthday fell just after student loan so it was the perfect excuse to get a new outfit, and so the search began. I started trawling the internet and stumbled across Lauren Pope of TOWIE fame's range. Usually when reality stars bring out their own range I always feel like they never really match up to expectations but Lauren's is gorgeous. I love that with this outfit I will get much wear out of them separately and together. I think it's nice to have a change from the usual dress and heels ensemble and instead opt for something a little different.